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Rahvusvaheline festivalikalender
  Rahvusvaheline festivalikalender 2019
  Rahvusvaheline festivalikalender 2019 järg
  Rahvusvaheline festivalikalender 2020
XVI rahvusvaheline koorifestival Tallinn 2019
XV rahvusvaheline koorifestival Tallinn 2017
XIV rahvusvaheline koorifestival Tallinn 2015
XIII rahvusvaheline koorifestival Tallinn 2013
Sünnipäevanädal 24.-30.11.12
Europa Cantat junior 6
VI noorte koorijuhtide konkurss 2014
VII noorte koorijuhtide konkurss 2019
XII noorte laulupeo ettelaulmise juhend
Ürituste kalender
Oktoober 2019
Peatselt toimumas
19.10 VII Eesti noorte koorijuhtide konkursi FINALISTIDE KONTSERT
19.10 Eesti Naislaulu Seltsi 25. aastapäeva tähistamine Pärnu Kontserdimajas
20.10 Eesti Segakooride Liit tähistab 20. oktoobril oma 25. tegevusaastat.
20.10 Eesti Segakooride Liit 25: Cyrillus Kreegi Reekviem c-moll

*punases kirja s festivalid, mille korraldajad katavad (osaliselt) kutsutud kooride kulud 

Rahvusvaheline koorifestival Pesni nad Nevoi
Peterburi, Venemaa,  5-12.01 2019
Reg. lõpptähtaeg sept 2018
Tel +7-968-184-08-60

XIII International Sacred Music Festival “Silver Bells”
Daugavpils, Latvia,from 10 to 13 January 2019

Participants of the Festival :
Children's, Male, Female, Mixed Choirs, Vocal Ensembles, Gospel, Orchestras and soloists.
Deadline for application: November 1, 2018
 tel.: +(371)65423601 (Department of Culture); mob.: +(371)29538278 (Jevgeņijs Ustinskovs);

6th International Youth and Children´s Choral Festival IUVENTUS IN PRAGA CANTAT 2019
Prague, 18-19 January 2019
deadline for applications: 15th November 2018
more info at:

FESTA – Music Festa Florence
International Festival for Youth Choirs, Orchestras and Bands 
Italy, 19th - 21st March 2019

KAUNAS MUSICA RELIGIOSA International Choir Festival and Competition of Sacred Music
Lithuania, 7th-10th of February, 2019
Applications are accepted until 15th of December, 2018  

Choir Competition Maastricht
Maastricht, Netherlands February 7 - 11, 2019  

2nd Sing'n'Joy Princeton
Princeton (NJ), USA, February 14 - 18, 2019
The official registration deadline has passed on October 1, 2018 

Paris International Choir Festival
France, 7-11 Mar 2019.
Friendship concert with a local choir at their home venue,
massed sing at La Madeleine Church, Sunday worship service singing,
Contact: Music Contact International, 
Email:  - Website:  

8th-10th March 2019   

Roma Music Festival 2019
Italy, 13-17 March 2019
International festival of choirs and orchestras in Rome
Apply before 15 Jan 2019
Contact: MusikReisenFaszination, Email:  - Website:  

On Stage in Israel
Israel, 14-17 March 2019
Registration deadline 22 Ocober 2018

Discover Puerto Rico and its Choral Music 
Ponce, Puerto Rico, 15-18 Mar 2019. 
The Catholic University of Ponce, the University of Puerto Rico, 
and the city of Ponce invite choirs to discover Puerto Rico! Work
with the island’s most famous composers and directors, and exchange with choirs from the region. Contact: Music Contact International, Email:  - Website:  

Dublin International Choral Festival
Ireland, 20-26 March 2019

Individual workshop with one of Ireland’s highly
 acclaimed conductors. Friendship Concert with 
an Irish host choir. Closing Concert Rehearsals with all participating choirs.
Closing Concert Performance and Massed Sing. 
Contact: Music Contact International, Email:  - Website:  

Budapest International Choir Fest
Budapest, Hungary, March 14-17,2019 ,  

Cherry Blossom Washington D.C.
International Choral Festival, USA, 
21-24 Mar, 28-31 Mar, 4-7 Apr & 11-14 Apr 2019.
Festival celebrating the friendship symbolized by the gift of
 flowering cherry trees from Tokyo to Washington, D.C. 
and demonstrating cross-cultural exchange through a dynamic mix
of American, Japanese, and other cultural performing arts.
Contact: Music Contact International, Email:  - Website: 
Young 2019 Bohemia, 
Prague, Czech Republic, 21-24 Mar 2019.
For youth choirs and orchestras. 
Contact: MusiCultur Travel GmbH,
Email:  - Website:  

Festival of Peace and Brotherhood, 
Rome, Italy, 21-25 March 2019

Sing together with Italian choirs and others from around the world. 
Perform in breathtaking venues throughout the cities and towns 
southeast of Rome and in Rome’s historic center.
 This festival fosters a deep sense of respect and understanding
 between cultures through the common language of music.
Contact: Music Contact International, Email:

International Choir Contest "Golden Voices of Montserrat"
Spain, 24-28 March 2019
Taking place in Spain, this is one of the most biggest and 
incredible contest for choirs from all over the world.
 Contest day, master class, recording of the song in studio, flash mob
 and gala concert is waiting for you! 
Contact: Fiestalonia Milenio, SLU, 
Email:  - Website: 

Lewes Lamentations,
Lewes, United Kingdom, 24-29 March 2019.
A week of music for experienced choral singers in
 a church in the centre of the historic Sussex town of Lewes.
 A group of up to thirty-six singers will rehearse a programme
 of Lenten music for a public concert.
 Contact: Lacock Courses, Andrew van der Beek,
 Email:  - Website:  

Verona International Choral Competition,
Verona, Italy, 27-31 Mar 2019
 Choirs from around the world attend this annual festival
 sponsored by the Association of Choirs of Northern Italy. 
Hear choirs from Asia, Eastern Europe, Central Europe and 
North America at the adjudicated performance venue and 
exchange with a local Italian choirs during your individual concerts.
Contact: Music Contact International,
Email:  - Website:  

ON STAGE with Interkultur in Verona,
Italy, 28-31 March 2019. 
Event including touristic activities (sightseeing),
 short concerts in touristic places (churches, halls), 
a workshop with a local choir and a joint concert of all the participants.
 Contact: Interkultur Foundation, 
Email:  - Website:  

XXII ‘RAINBOW’ International Festival and Choir Competition
St. Petersburg, Russia, 29-31 March 2019
Contact: Interregional Conductors Association of Children and Youth Choirs of North-West
Deadline for registration: December 30, 2018 .

International Choir Festival Corearte,
Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, Spain, 2-7 April 2019
For all kind of choirs from around the world.
 Contact: Festival Internacional de Coros Corearte Barcelona, 
Email:  - Website:

Festival for school, children's and youth choirs
Tuscany, Italy 
April 4-6, 2019 
primary and junior high school choirs and children's choirs
April 10-13, 2019
high school and youth choirs 

Istra Music Festival 2019
Croatia, 3-7 Apr 2019
International festival of choirs and orchestras in Porec
Apply before 15 Feb 2019
Contact: MusikReisenFaszination, Email:  - Website:  

17th Festival di Primavera (Spring Festival), 
Montecatini Terme, Tuscany, Italy, 4-6 & 1013 Apr 2019
A great festival reserved to school’s, children’s and youth choirs
with more than 20 workshop and internationally renowned conductors. 
More than 2500 participants every year coming from Italy and Europe. 
Apply before 31 Jan 2019.
Contact: FENIARCO (Italian Federation of Regional Choir Associations),
 Email:  - Website:  

5th International Choir Festival and Competition of Lithuanian Music Patriarch Juozas Naujalis
Kaunas, Lithuania, 4th – 7th of April, 2019
Applications are accepted till 20th of January, 2019

American Cantat 9
Panama, 6-13 April 2019
Cantat is the premier cultural music festival of the Americas,
and is the only non-competitive choir festival to unite singers,
clinicians, and festival choirs from North, Central, and South America
 in a ten-day cultural and musical immersion program.
Over ten days, singers of all ages and abilities are invited to 
participate in overlapping five-day-long workshops. Contact: America Cantat,
More info at  

4th Easter Choral Meeting Prague 2019
Prague; 12.–14. April, 19.–21. April (Easter), 26.-28. April, 3.-5. Mai 2019 
Deadline for applications: by 10th November 2018 (Easter) or by 5th January 2019 (other dates)
more info at:  

15th International Choral Competition Gallus-Maribor 2019
Slovenia, Maribor 12.-14.04.2019 

3rd Michelangelo International Music Festival,
Florence, Italy, 12-14 Apr 2019.
 Competition and festival for choirs and orchestras.
Contact: Florence Choral,
 Email:  - Website:  

Budapest International Choir Festival & Competition ...
Budapest, Hungary, April 14 - 18, 2019 
For all kinds of choirs from all around the world.
Categories: Gospel, Pop Modern, and Jazz.
Apply before 30 Nov 2018. Contact: Meeting Music, 

Barcelona Workshop “Easter Week and Religious Choral Music”,
Spain, 15-18 April 2019.

Intensive workshop with Josep Prats (Spain) as main guest conductor.
Contact: Festival Internacional de Coros Corearte Barcelona,
 Email:  - Website:  
International Choral Festival Wales,
Gwyl Gorawl Ryngwladol Cymru, Venue Cymru, Llandudno, 
North Wales, United Kingdom, 19-21 Apr 2019
Competition in the following categories: mixed choirs, single voice choirs, open category, young voices. Choir of Choirs: the Sir Karl Jenkins Trophy.
Contact: International Choral Festival Wales, G yl Gorawl Ryngwladol Cymru,
 Email:  - Website:   

Music at Gargonza
Tuscany, Italy, 22-27 April 2019
A course for experienced choral singers of all ages and
nationalities in a fortified mediaeval Tuscan village and led by Carlos Aransay.
Repertoire: Cardoso, Esquivel, Ribera, Scarlatti and Piazzolla.
Contact: Lacock Courses, Andrew van der Beek, 
Email:  - Website:  

Choral Festival "Milazzo ... Sicilia in Concerto"
Milazzo from 24 to 29 April 2019
A non-competitive annual event
Each choir can choose to anticipate the arrival or extend the stay.
The repertoire is totally free, no compulsory pieces are required.
Deadline for registration 10 January 2019
9th International Messiah Choir Festival,
Salzburg, Austria, 25-28 April 2019.

10 selected choruses or orchestras of any age and composition
(also dance groups). Performances in Salzburg and surroundings.
Contact: Chorus MM, Email: Website: 

3rd International Choir Festival and Competition All Nations Are Singing,
Vilnius and Trakai, Lithuania, 25 Apr-7 May 2019

For all choirs around the world.
Contact: Gratulations, Paulius Andriu kevi ius, Director, 
Email:  - Website:
5th International Children’s & Youth Chorus Festival ‘StimmenKlangRaum’,
Weimar, Germany, 25-28 Apr 2019.
Four day festival full of music, recreation and social interaction in inspiring environment 
full of parcs, historical buildings and modern architecture. 
All concerts are non-competitive and non-judged. 
Contact: Schola Cantorum Weimar, 
Email:  - Website:
World of Choirs, Montecatini Terme,
Toscana, Italy, 28 Apr-1 May 2019
 All the participants will demonstrate their skills on one of the best stages of the Adriatic coast. 
Invites all amateur choirs! Italy will not leave you indifferent. 
Contact: Fiestalonia Milenio, SLU, Email:
 - Website:  

XVII Moskva rahvusvaheline laste- ja noorte koorifestival
Moskva, 1.-4. mai 2019 

Costa Barcelona Music Festival 2019
Spain, 1-5 May 2019

International festival of choirs and orchestras on the Costa Barcelona
Apply before 28 Feb 2019
Contact: MusikReisenFaszination, Email:  - Website:  

Cork International Choir Festival
Cork,  1.-5.05.2019
For 5 wonderful days Cork City and County will welcome some of the finest amateur 
Competitive and Non - Competitive choirs from around the world for a programme
 of choral concerts, national and international competition, and internationally renowned performers
 as thousands of participants bring Cork to life. 
Join us in Cork for one of Europe’s Premier Choral Festivals.
Bringing a city to life with song since 1954! Contact: Cork International Choral Festival, 

3rd Voices for Peace
Perugia/Assisi, Italy, May 1 - 5, 2019
Registration deadline: December 10, 2018
Venezia in Musica
International Choir Festival & Competition ...
Caorle/Venice, Italy, May 1 - 5, 2019 | 

RIGA SINGS - International Choir Competition & Imants Kokars Choral Award
Riga, Latvia, May 1 - 5, 2019
Registration deadline: December 10, 2018  

9th KAUNAS CANTAT Internationl Choir Festival and Competition
Lithuania, 2nd – 5th of May, 2019
Applications are accepted until 15th of February, 2019 

Queen of the Adriatic Sea Choral Festival and Competition
Cattolica, Italy May 2-5,  2019
Competition for Equal Voices, Mixed, Chamber, Youth, Children, Sacred Music,
Folk and Spiritual Choirs. 
Concerts at the beautiful San Leo medieval cathedral. 
Apply before 31 Mar 2019 

III Belgrade International Choir Fest
Belgrade, Serbia, May 2 - 5, 2019,  
Cornwall International Male Voice Choral Festival,
United Kingdom, 2-6 May 2019.
 With over 60 choirs involved in 50 events at 40 locations, there is something for everyone.
Contact: Rob Elliott, Festival Director, 
Email:  - Website:  

14th International Festival of University Choirs UNIVERSITAS CANTAT 2019,
Poznañ, Poland, 6-12 May 2019
 Meetings of university choirs from all around the world in order
 to stimulate co-operation and cultural exchange. Non-competitive festival. 
Contact: International Festival of University Choirs,
 Email:  - Website:  

ON STAGE in Stockholm
Stockholm, Sweden, May 9 - 12, 2019 
Registration deadline: December 10, 2018

9th World Choir Festival on Musicals
Thessaloniki, Greece, 10th – 12th May, 2019
Organization : Choir “KORAIS” 

3rd Lorenzo de Medici International Music Festival, 
Florence, Italy, 11-13 May 2019
 Competition for all genres of choral singing, in 11 competitive and non-competitive categories.
 Contact: Florence Choral,
 Email: or  - Website: 
International Choir Festival Corearte All’Italiana,
 Italy, 13-22 May 2019.
For all kind of choirs from around the world. 
Contact: Festival Internacional de Coros Corearte Barcelona, 
Email:  - Website: 
38th International Festival of Orthodox Church Music,
 Bialystok, Poland, 15-19 May 2019
The aim of this festival is to present the artistic and spiritual values
 of Orthodox Church music. For all types of choirs from around the world.
 Contact: Fundacja Muzyka Cerkiewna,
 Email:  - Website:  

6th Vietnam International Choir Competition 
Hội An, Vietnam, May 15 - 19, 2019
Registration deadline: December 17, 2018 

Voices United in Costa rica, San José
Costa Rica, 15-22 May 2019
With Ian Loeppky and the University of North Alabama String Orchestra.
For choirs of any kind from around the world. Optional individual concerts and gala concerts.
Contact: KIconcerts, Email:  - Website:  

Festival de la Voix
Châteauroux, France, 16-19 Mai 2019

Concerts, workshops, open stages.
Contact: CEPRAVOI, Email:  - Website:  

40th International May Choir Competition “Prof.Georgi Dimitrov”
 Varna, Bulgaria, 16-19 May 2019

For mixed, men’s, women’s, children’s and chamber choirs. 
Contact: International May Choir Competition
“Prof. Georgi Dimitrov”, Email:  - Website:  

Beijing and Hong Kong Choir Festival
China, 19-27 May 2019
 Artistic director: Eric Stark.
Contact: KIconcerts, Email:  - Website:  

Venezia Music Festival 2019
Italy, 22-26 May 2019
International festival of choirs and orchestras in Venice and Jesolo
Apply before 31 Mar 2019
Contact: MusikReisenFaszination, Email:  - Website:  

Cantate Croatia International Choir Festival
Croatia, 23-27 May 2019
individual performances and common song performed in historic venues.
Exchange with choirs from all over the world.
Contact: Music Contact International, 
Email:  - Website:  

ON STAGE in Florence
May 23 - 26, 2019 Florence, Italy
Registration deadline: January 14, 2019 

47th International Choir Festival of Songs
Olomouc, Czech Republic, 28 May-2 June 2019

International choir festival of sacred and clerical music, 
Musica Religiosa Competition for choirs in all categories from all around the world.
Apply before March 31, 2019. Contact: Festa Musicale, 
Email:  - Website:  

Sing Along Concert "ON TOUR" Barcelona
May 29 - June 2, 2019 Barcelona, Spain

XIV  Musicales of Gerzat 
Gerzat, France, May 29th - June 2th, 2019  
facebook ANDL 
International Choral Festival
Kerkrade, The Netherlands, May 30 - June 2, 2019 
Application deadline:December 15th, 2018 

International Choral Competition Ave Verum 2019
Baden, Austria, 31 May -2 June 2019
Baden is a spa and has been a historical meeting point for artitst
such as Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Strauss, Lanner and many more. 
Only 10 choirs worldwide can join this extraordinary Grand Prix competition. 
For all amateur choirs (mixed, female, male, treble, men) of at least 20 singers, maximum 50 singers.
 Apply before November 1st, 2018. 
Contact: Wolfgang Ziegler, chairman,
 Email:  - Website:  

Florilège Vocal de Tours
Tours 31.05-02.06.2019
The competition is open to vocal ensembles, equal voices ensembles, mixed choirs, small vocal ensembles. Two categories: choirs (mixed or equal voices) 25 to 36 singers, vocal ensembles (mixed or equal voices) 4 to 24 singers. Accommodation is free of charge for the choirs who will be competing. Contact: Florilège Vocal de Tours, Email: 

Sing Austria with John Dickson, Vienna & Salzburg
Austria, 3-9 June 2019

Individual and festival concerts under the direction of John Dickson.
Contact: KIconcerts, Email:  - Website:  

Winchester Cathedral Choral Festival
United Kingdom, 4-8 June 2019

Join conductor Dr. Pearl Shangkuan,
composer-in-residence Dr. Dan Forrest and singers from the U.S.,
England and Germany at the inaugural Winchester Cathedral Choral Festival.
Contact: Perform International, 
Email:  - Website:  

D-Day Memorial Concert Series, Paris and Normandy
France, 4-10 June 2019
Opportunity for overseas choirs to visit France,
perform memorial concerts for its citizens, and commemorate
 those men and women who fought so valiantly there during the Allied Invasion in 1944.
Contact: Music Celebrations International, LLC, 
Email:  - Website:  

Tampere Vocal Music Festival
Tampere, Finland, 5-9 June 2019

This versatile international festival includes a chorus review,
 a contest for vocal ensembles, concerts and workshops among other things, and gathers app. 2,000 singers to Tampere. Contact: Tampere Sävel, Tampere Vocal Music Festival,
 Email:  - Website:  

International Krakow Choir Festival "Cracovia Cantans"
Krakow, Poland. 6-9.06.2019

Interested choirs please register till 15.11.2018 

IX International Choir Festival „Chernomorski zvutsi“
Balchik, Bulgaria, 5 - 9 June 2019
The deadline for submission of application forms is 1 February 2019.
E-mail:  and  

Limerick Sings International Choral Festival
Limerick, Ireland, 5-10 June 2019
Non-competitive event for choirs of all traditions and nationalities.
Choirs will meet each other through formal and informal concerts and
 other social events. It will include a gala concert with
 a professional Irish orchestra under the direction of Dr. Cameron LaBarr.
 Apply before December 1, 2018.
Contact: Limerick Sings, Email:  - Website: 
Rome Choral Festival
Italy, 6-11 June 2019
For all kind of choirs. Artistic Director, Dr. Leo H. Davis. Contact: Perform International, Email:  - Website:  

Normandy 2019 International Choirs Festival
Yvetot, 7- 1 June, 2019  
phone +33 6 81 02 75 18. 

10th International Krakow Choir Festival Cracovia Cantans
Poland, 6-9 June 2019
 The biggest international choral festival in Poland. For all kinds of choirs, 10 categories including non-competitive category, many concert opportunities. Gala concert in Krakow Philharmonic.
 Apply before Nov 15, 2018. This competition is one of the World Choral Championship: .
Contact: MELODY & Polonia Cantat, Email:  - Website:  

Rome Choral Festival
Italy, 6-11 June 2019
For all kind of choirs. Artistic Director, Dr. Leo H. Davis. 
Contact: Perform International, Email:  - Website:

The 16th International Chamber Choir Competition Marktoberdorf 2019
 Marktoberdorf, 07.-12.06.2019
Applications and a complete set of the required documents must arrive in our office by 15th September 2018

International Choirs Festival 
Yvetot, June 7 to 10, 2019
phone +33 6 81 02 75 18. 

Wales & England Choir Festival 2019 with Thomas Lloyd
United Kingdom, 8-14 June 2019.
Participating choirs will sing a repertoire of Cathedral Anthems.
 Possibility for choirs to perform independent and collaborative concerts. Contact: KIconcerts, Email:  - Website:  

Monteconero Music Party
Montenegro, 9-15 June 2019

Schütz to Brahms with an invited group in a former mediaeval monastery on the Adriatic directed by Patrick Craig. Contact: Lacock Courses, Andrew van der Beek, 
Email:  - Website:  

Montréal Choral Festival 2019 with Elena Sharkova
Canada, 16-22 June 2019
Participating choirs will sing Fauré Requiem.
This will add to the French flavor of the event. In addition to combined rehearsals, choirs will have the opportunity to perform their own concerts if they wish it.
Contact: KIconcerts, Email:  - Website:  

International Contest Sun of Italy
Pesaro, Italy, 16-19 June & 7-10 July 2019
Competition of various genres in choral and vocal singing, open to amateurs and professional teams of all ages. Contact: Fiestalonia Milenio, SLU,
 Email:  - Website: 

Italian Alpine Choral Festival, Dolomites
South Tyrol, Italy, 18-24 June 2019
Open to all types of choirs offering performance opportunities in theaters, concert halls and churches across the Val Pusteria region, as well as open-air performances at alpine huts, music pavilions, castles and lakes.
 Contact: Music Contact International, Email:  -W ebsite: 
Dublin Choral Festival
Ireland, 19-23 June 2019

Lend your voices to sing in a combined mixedvoice choir in Ireland’s Fair City. The festival chorus will perform thrilling choral literature under the direction of Artistic Director Dr. Stan Engebretson – Chorale Artistic Director for the National Philharmonic.
Contact: Music Celebrations International, LLC, Email:  -W ebsite: 

Salzburg International Choral Celebration & Competition ...
Salzburg, Austria, June 19 - 24, 2019 

7th International Anton Bruckner Choir Competition and Festival
Linz, Austria, June 19 - 23, 2019

Early bird deadline: November 12, 2018
Registration deadline: January 21, 2019 

3rd International Choral Festival Costa Rica for Peace
San Jose, Costa Rica, 19-24 June 2019
Repertoire must be a cappella and of free choice giving preference to music of the choirs’ own country or region. All accepted choirs will sing together a common piece, which will be rehearsed during the festival.
Contact: Costa Rica International Choral Festival, Email:  -W ebsite:
International Choral Festival in Tuscany
Montecatini Terme, Italy, 20-24 June 2019
Join choirs from around the world in the heart of Tuscany to perform in venues throughout the region. Hear the other guest choirs sing at theT ettucio Spa, and exchange with Italian choirs during friendship concerts in churches and theatres.
Contact: Music Contact International, Email:  -W ebsite:

Roma In Canto International Festival of Sacred Music
Rome, Italy, 20-24 June 2019.
Perform a stunning repertoire of music by Monteverdi and Palestrina during High Mass at St. Peter’s Basilica alongside choirs from across the globe.
Contact: Music Contact International, Email:  -W ebsite:  

17th “Seghizzi” International Choral and Solo Voice Composition Contest
Gorizia, Italy, 21 June 2019
Open to musicians from any nation, citizenship and age.
Two categories: choral compositions a cappella or with piano (for mixed, male, female or children’s voices); compositions for solo voice and piano. 
Contact: Associazione Seghizzi, 
Email:  - Website:  
Festival Coral de Verão
Lisbon, Portugal, 21-24 June 2019
Partake in international choral competitions and immerse your choirs
in the historical and cultural district of Belém.
Choirs will have performance opportunities at various landmarks including UNESCO World Heritage site - Jerónimos Monastery. Contact: SourceWerkz,
 Email:  - Website: 
Choral and Cultural Summer Workshop for Singers
Noto, Sicily, Italy, 23 June-4 July 2019.
Opportunities to perform sacred and secular choral repertoire from 
the Renaissance up through the 21 st Century under the leadership of David Hayes. 
Contact: Umbrian Serenades, LLC.,
 Email:  - Website:  

42nd Bydgoszcz Musical Impressions (International Meetings of Young Musicians)
Poland,  from 24 to 29 June, 2019

Festival Chorale de Paris commemorating the 75th Anniversary of D-Day
France, 24-30 June 2019
Artistically rich, poignant and inspirational journey through areas of France
steeped in historical significance. In collaboration with Paris Choral Society,
composer-in-Residence, Richard Burchard, and artistic director, Dr. Jefferson Johnson.
Contact: Perform International,
 Email:  - Website:  

picfest - Treble Choral Festival Eugene
Oregon, USA, 25 June-1 July 2019

Pacific International Choral Festivals’ 22nd Season in America’s spectacular Pacific Northwest! 
Maestra Susan Brumfield leads boychoirs, girlchoirs, mixed treble choirs (through age 18).
This non-competitive event features: individual choir performances/workshops; mass chorus schedule of inspiring rehearsals, fun-filled socials, shared meals and culminating Gala Concert.
 Contact: Oregon Festival Choirs, Peter Robb, Email:  - Website:  

Budapest Music Festival 2019
Hungary, 26-30 Jun 2019

International festival of choirs and orchestras in Budapest
Apply before 15 Apr 2019
Contact: MusikReisenFaszination, Email:  - Website:  

International Festival Verona Garda Estate
Verona, Brescia, Mantua, Vicenza, Italy, 27 June-14 July 2019
For all choirs of all types. Contact: Prof. Giuliano Rinaldi,
 Email:  - Website:  

5th International Choral Festival of Antonin Dvorak “DVORAK´S CHORAL SUMMER“ 2019
Prague, 28-29 June 2019
It is a non-competing choral festival open for choirs and choral groups of all types without any limits.
Deadline for applications: 29th March 2019
more info at:  

Irish International A Cappella Festival 2019
Dublin, Ireland, 28-30 June 2019
Competition aiming at both small ensembles and large choruses performing contemporary a cappella repertoire. 
Also open to barbershop. 
Contact: Ardú Vocal Ensemble, Email:  - Website:  

Festival of Voices
Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, 28 June-14 July 2019
Performance such as concerts to clubs, cabaret venues and pop up performances for participants and singers of all ages and backgrounds.
Contact: Festival of Voices Tasmania, Email:  - Website:

Cracovia Sacra – Sacred Choral Music Festival
Krakow, Poland, 28-30 June 2019
Choir festival focusing on sacred music of all Christian churches. 6 categories including non-competitive category. 
Apply before Dec 31, 2018.
Contact: MELODY & Polonia Cantat, Email:  - Website:  

5th International Conductor‘s Seminar Wernigerode
Wernigerode, Germany, June 29 - July 2, 2019
With Top-Class Choral Experts
Registration deadline: February 28, 2019  

Perform in Great Britain
United Kingdom, 29 June-4 July 2019
Individual and festival concerts under the direction of Rollo Dilworth.
Contact: KIconcerts, Email:  - Website:  

Italia Canta! With Craig Courtney
Rome, Italy, 29 June5 July 2019

Enjoy guided tours of ancient Roman monuments, the Sistine Chapel, and local infamous landmarks.
Participate in Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica and perform in world class venues.
Contact: Sechrist Travel, LLC, Email:  - Website:  

7th Per Musicam Ad Astra
International Copernicus Choir Festival and Competition
Toru , Poland, 29 June-3 July 2019
Competitive or non-competitive festival open to mixed, male, female, chamber choirs and vocal ensembles.
Other categories: children and youth choirs, musica sacra and folklore. Activities for non-competitive choirs include evaluation performance, individual coaching and friendship concerts. 
Contact: Meeting Music, Email:  - Website:  

Toronto Children’s Festival 2019 with Henry Leck & Zimfira Poloz
Canada, 1-7 July 2019
Festival celebrating the sounds of fine children’s choirs.
 Contact: KIconcerts, Email:  - Website:  

International Choir Festival Corearte Junior 2019
Puerto de la Cruz Tenerife, Spain, 1-6 July 2019

For all kind of children and youth choirs from all over the world. Participants must be between 8 and 20 years old. Contact: Festival Internacional de Coros Corearte Barcelona, Email:  - Website:
Chanakkale International Choir Festival and Competition
Chanakkale, Turkey, 2-7 July 2019
Non-competitive festival or competition for female, male, mixed adults, mixed youth, mixed children, and folk choirs from all over the world.
Contact: Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart Üniversitesi, Email:  - Website:
Paris Choral Festival
Paris, France, 2-9 July 2019

In 2014, MCI organized the Paris Choral Festival to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of D-Day and Liberation of France with a mass choir performance in La Madeleine. To continue this celebration of the centuries-old Franco-American friendship, and to commemorate another milestone anniversary,
Contact: Music Celebrations International, LLC, Email:  - Website:  

10th Salerno Festival, International Choral Festival
Salerno, Neaples and Amalfi Coast, Italy, 3-7 July 2019
The charming Amalfi Coast and the beautiful ruins of Pompei and Paestum welcome the choirs from all over the world to this international festival organised by the national federation of choirs in Italy. 
Five days of music, art, culture and sun! 
Apply before 15 Mar 2019. 
Contact: Federazione Nazionale Italiana Associazioni Regionali Corali (FENIARCO), Email:  - Website:  

11th International Johannes Brahms Choir Festival and Competition
July 3 - 7, 2019 Wernigerode, Germany
Early bird deadline: November 26, 2018
Registration deadline: February 11, 2019 

Per Musicam ad Astra
International Choir Festival & Competition ...
Toruń, Poland, June 29 - July 3, 2019  
Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod 2019
Llangollen, 2-9 July 2019


10th International Sacred Music Choir Festival & Competition Laudate Dominum
V ilnius andT rakai, Lithuania, 3-10 July 2019
For all choirs around the world. Contact: Gratulations, Paulius Andriu kevi ius, Director, Email:  - Website:
11th International Johannes Brahms Choir Festival and Competition
Wernigerode, Germany, 3-7 July 2019.
Competition for choirs and music ensembles from all over the world. This competition, named after Johannes Brahms, puts a musical focus on this German composer and the German romantics of the 19th century.
 Contact: Förderverein Interkultur, Email:  - Website:  

37th International Choir Festival of Preveza, 25th International Competition of Sacred Music
Preveza, Greece, 4-7 July 2019
For mixed, equal voices, children’s, chamber and youth choirs. Repertory must include four pieces of sacred music (Renaissance or baroque, romantic period, a composition from the early 20th century, a composition of composer born after 1970). Also category for spiritual, gospel, jazz, pop choirs, pop ensembles, folklore and byzantine chant. 
This category offers each choir the opportunity to express its own traditions and strengths.
Contact: Choral Society «Armonia» of Prevesa, Email:  - Website:
21st International Cantus MM Choir and Orchestra Festival
Salzburg, Austria, 4-7 July 2019
Ten selected choruses or orchestras of any age and composition (also dance groups). Performances in Salzburg and surroundings. 
Contact: Chorus MM, Email:  - Website:  
Passion of Italy Rome Festival
Italy, 5-9 July 2019
With Dr. Janet Galván. For choirs of any kind from around the world. Individual and festival concerts. Sing mass at St. Peter’s Basilica.
 Contact: KIconcerts, Email:  - Website:  

13th Summa Cum Laude International Youth Music Festival
Vienna, Austria, 5-10 July 2019
Cross-cultural and musical exchange event including workshops, lectures, seminars, concerts in and around Vienna, competition with an international and highly renowned jury.
Contact: CONCERTS-AUSTRIA, Email:  - Website:  

International Choir Festival Barcelona
Barcelona, July 8-14, 2019
For both professional and amateur choirs from all around the world. Contact: Fiestalonia Milenio, SLU, Email: - Website:

Golden Voices of Barcelona
Spain, July 7-11, 2019 

International Choir Festival InCanto Mediterraneo
Milazzo (Sicily), Italy, 7-13 July 2019
First part of the festival non competitive, second part competitive in various categories.
Contact: Associazione Corale «Cantica Nova»,
 Email:  - Website:  

54th International Choral Music Festival
Barcelona, Spain, 8-14 July 2019
Singing week in the magnificent city of Barcelona, workshops, final concert at the Palau of Musica, individual concerts for the participating choirs in Barcelona. Workshops with Conductor: Lluís Vilamajor (Catalonia) - Ancient Music RenaissanceBaroque and Maud Hamon-Loisance (France) - Choral Music and Movement.
Contact: Federació Catalana d’Entitats Corales, Email:  - Website:  

Sing Brothers, Sing! – picfest, Eugene
Oregon, USA, 8-14 July 2019
Set in America’s spectacular Pacific Northwest, Eugene, Oregon hosts the 22nd season of Pacific International Choral Festivals. Master conductor Fernando Malvar-Ruiz leads Treble, SATB and TB male choirs (through age 18) six days of joyful music and friendship making.
Contact: Oregon Festival Choirs, Peter Robb, Email:  - Website:

International Singing Week Flanders
Ghent, Belgium, July 8-15, 2019


3rd Leonardo Da Vinci International Music Festival, Florence
 Italy, 9-12 July 2019
Competition and Festival for Choirs.
Contact: Florence Choral, Email:  - Website:  

Musica Eterna a Roma
International Choir Festival & Competition ...
Rome, Italy, July 10 - 14, 2019  

Zêzerearts Choral Festival 2019
Tomar, Médio-Tejo Region, Portugal, 13-21 July 2019
For individual singers from around the world to work with with Zêzere Arts Artistic Director, Brian MacKay, with Pedro Correia and Aoife Hiney and other members of the music staff.
Contact: Ferreira do Zêzere,   - Website:

6th International Choir Festival Coralua
Trondheim, Norway, 13-19 July 2019
For children, middle school and adult choirs. Choral workshops with Javier Busto (Spain) and Sanna Valvanne ( Finland). Singing Tour in Norway, discover the beautiful village of Røros. Concerts in the best venues of Trondheim and Røros. Contact: Coralua, Email:  - Website: 
Ludlow Summer School
United Kingdom, 14-19 July 2019
The 40-part motet Spem in alium by Thomas Tallis directed by Gabriel Crouch
Contact: Lacock Courses, Andrew van der Beek, Email:  - Website:
Vienna International Arts Festival VIAF
 Austria, 15-21 July 2019
For all non-professional choirs composed of young musicians of all nations below the age of 26. A maximum of 10% of the participants may be between 26 and 30 years of age. Conductors and piano players accompanying the choirs are not subject to the age limit.
Application deadline: May 31, 2019
 Contact: Vienna International Arts Festival VIAF, Email:  - Website:
Chorus America Conducting Academy, Ann Arbor
Michigan, USA, 15-21 July 2019

Hosted by University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre & Dance, Chorus America’s Conducting Academy is a unique opportunity to build choral-orchestral skills and advance your career in a supportive learning environment with an outstanding faculty. During the week-long program, participants will focus on Mendelssohn’s choral-orchestral masterwork, ElijahFellow and Scholar Applications Deadline: January 18, 2019. Symposium. Applications Deadline: June 1, 2019.
 Contact: Chorus America, Email:  - Website:  

Gondwana World Choral Festival
Sydney, Australia, 15-21 July 2019
Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Sydney Children’s Choir during a week of concerts, recitals, workshops, masterclasses and panel discussions. Venues: The concert hall of the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. 
Contact: Gondwana Choirs, Email:  - Website:
Pacific Pride Choir
Vietnam and Cambodia, 16-28 July 2019
 Pacific Pride Choir (PPC) is an occasional touring choir created to contribute to the visibility and acceptance of LGBTQI+ people in countries where homosexuality is legalised, but not fully recognised. Open to all singers from over the world, experience singing in a choir is preferable but not essential.
Contact: KIconcerts, Email:  - Website:  

International Choral Festival of Missoula
Montana, USA, 17-20 July 2019. 
Non-competitive showcase festival for children’s, youth, men’s, women’s and mixed choirs. Social events, home stays (international choirs) and cultural exchange. Contact: International Choral Festival, Email:  - Website:
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