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15th International Choir Festival Tallinn 2017
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International Study Tour for Managers 2014
13th International Choir Festival Tallinn 2013
Europa Cantat junior 6
12th International Choir Festival Tallinn 2011
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XV Международный хоровой фестиваль Таллинн 2017
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Choir Festival Paris
Paris, France • 26.-29.01.2012
For local and foreign choirs. Final concert at the UNESCO. Choirs with a
good perfomance standard will also have the possibility of singing in
Notre-Dame de Paris or the chuch of La Madeleine upon agreement.
Contact: Music&Friends, Tel: +33-1-49277009, Fax: +352-241616
Email: http://

International Gdansk Choir Festival.
Gdansk, Poland, 17-19th February 2012.
Deadline for applications 30.10.2011

Musica Religioza
Kaunas, Lithuania • 23.-26.02.2012
International Choral Music Festival & Competition. Open to all
amateur choirs.
Contact: Kaunas club “Cantate Domino”, Tel: +370-656-84641 or
Email: http://

1st African Choral festival "African Sing Alaoud"
Ghana, March 2012
Contact: Ghana Tourist Board e-mail:

1st International Choir Competition of the Academic Choirs Praga Cantat –Musica Academica
Prague, Czech Republic, 22-25 March, 2012
Contact: Bohemia Ticket, s.r.o. Náměstí Míru 15, 120 00, Praha 2
T: +420 222 512 688; F: +420 224 219 480
E-mail: ;

Musica Religiosa
Olomouc, Czech Republic • 27.03.-01.04.2012
IX. Festival of sacred and clerical music.
Contact: Festa Musicale Olomouc, Czech Republic 

International festival young2012prague
Prague, Czech Republic, March 29- April 1, 2012
A special event for young ensembles.
Contact: IFB Bohemia, Namesti Miru 15
12000 Prague 2, phone:+420 222 514 071
fax: +420 227 077 503,  

Concorso Corale Internazionale
Riva del Garda, Italy, April 1 - 5, 2012
Concorso Corale is one of the most traditional choir competitions of INTERKULTUR. Alternating with the International Choir Competition Budapest, it takes place every two years in the Holy Week before Easter. There are categories in different levels of difficulty with or without compulsory piece. Experience four days of choir music and be thrilled until the final event. The category winners selected by the jury present their skills again when singing for the best evaluation in the Grand Prix Competition. The prize is endowed with 1,500 Euro.
The events take place in the church Sta. Maria Assunta, in the fascinating round audition of Chiesa San Giuseppe, and in the Palazzo dei Congressi only a few steps away from the promenade of Lake Garda. Explore the charming cities round Lake Garda or make a day trip to Venice, Verona or into the Dolomite mountains.

Children Festival Vox Pueri 6
Cascais, Portugal, 2-5 April 2012
Non-competitive festival for all kinds of children's choirs with many concerts and common singong
Contact: Tel: +351 938407985, E-mail:

Ars Choralis 2012, 2nd International Artistic and Scientific Symposium on Choral Music
Zagreb, Croatia, 12-14 April 2012
Call for papers apply before 15 Dec 2011
Contact: Tel +36 30 9415598, Fax: +36 1 4110039
Festival of Sacred Music,
Loreto, Italy, 11-15 April 2012
Deadline for applications 20 October, 2011

2nd Vratislavia Sacra - Wroclaw Choir Festival
Wroclaw, Poland • 13.-15.04.2012
Festival focusing on sacred music of di! erent styles and churches.
Contact: Cantilena & Melody, Tel: +48-22-641 6157
Fax: +48-22-641 6157

1st International Pop Choir Festival Berlin 2012
Berlin, Germany, 14 April 2012

3rd “Il Garda in Coro”
Malcesine sul Garda, Verona, Italy • 17.-21.04.2012
Choral Competition for Children’s Choirs. Children must be born after
01.01.1996. Two categories: secular and sacred music.
Contact: Associazione Il Garda In Coro, Renata Peroni
Tel: +39-045-6570332, Fax: +39-178-6017432

European Grand Prix Award for Choral Singing 2012
Maribor, Slovenia • 22.04.2012
For 5 selected choirs – winners of the 2011 competitions Concorso
Polifonico Guido d’Arezzo/Italy, International Choral Competi-
tion Maribor/Slovenia, Certamen Coral de Tolosa/Basque Coutry,
Spain, Florilège Vocal de Tours/France and International May Choir
Competition Varna/Bulgaria (members of The European Grand Prix
for Choral Singing Association). The city of Maribor is the European
City of Culture 2012.
Contact: Mihela Jagodic, JSKD, Tel: +386-1-2410525
Fax: +386-1-2410536
Email:  http:// or

Slovakia Cantat 2012
Bratislava, Slovak Republic • 26.-29.04.2012
International Choir and Folksong Festival. Competition, workshop,
concerts of sacred and secular music. Deadline for applications:
Contact: Bratislava Music Agency, Tel: +421-908-693395
Fax: +421-265-957054

11th European Youth Music Festival
Region of Emilia-Romagna, Italy • Spring 2012
The festival will create a meeting place full of concerts for 4500 young
music enthusiasts from all over Europe.
Contact: European Music School Union (EMU), c/o Kunstconnectie -
P.O. 365 - 3500 AJ Utrecht, The Netherlands
Tel: +31-30-2303740; Fax: +31-30-2303749
Email: o!

Voices of the World
Vienna, Austria · Beginning of April to the End of September 2012
From the beginning of April to the end of September, any day
between 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. At christmas time during the Culture and
Advent Market at Schönbrunn as well as during the Easter Market
(separate conditions apply for this time of the year – please contact
MTS for details).
Contact: Management & Administration; WienTourismus Obere Augar-
tenstraße 40 1020 Vienna
Tel: +43-1-21114-0; Fax +43-1-2168492

Venezia in Musica
Venice, Italy • 29.04.-03.05.2012
Choir Competition and Festival, for all kinds of choirs from all
around the world.
Contact: Interkultur Foundation
Tel: +49-6403-956525; Fax: +49-6403-956529

Tapestry International Choral Festival
Vancouver, Canada • 02.-05.05.2012
4 outstanding women’s choirs from North America and beyond
joining with Elektra for four days of rehearsal, collaboration, and
public performance. Artistic excellence is at the heart of the
project, with a goal of including a diverse mix of interesting musi-
cal cultures and repertoire.
Contact: Elektra Women’s Choir, Tel: +1-604-7391255
Fax: +1-604-2613445
Email:  http://

58th Cork Choral Festival
Cork, Ireland • 02.-06.05.2012
Founded in 1954, the Cork International Choral Festival in Ireland is a
world class festival celebrating the very best of choral and vocal music.
The programme includes prestigious international and national competi-
tions, gala and fringe concerts, public performances, non-competitive
choirs and an education programme. Opportunity to compete in the
prestigious Fleischmann International Trophy Competition.
Contact: Cork International Choral Festival, Tel: +353-21-4215125
Fax: +353-21-4215192

XXXI International Festival
of Orthodox Church Music „Hajnówka 2012”
Białystok, Poland,13-20. 05. 2012
Deadline for applications: the end of January 2012
Contact: ul. Tamary Sołoniewicz 2, 17 - 200 Hajnówka, Poland
tel./ fax. ( 0048 85 ) 682 20 89, 682 32 02
Internet :  

33rd Children’s Choir Festival
“Fröhlich sein und singen”

Halle (Saale), Germany • 03 06.05.2012
Non-competitive festival for all kinds of children’s choirs and
folklore dance groups, with many concerts and common singing
in workshops.
Contact: Jugendwerkstatt “Frohe Zukunft”, Silbertaler Str. 5, 06132
Halle (Saale), Germany. Tel. +49 345 7 80 80 00

Choral Competition - Ave Verum
Baden, Austria • 10.-13.05.2012
For non-professional children, female, male and mixed choirs from all over
the world (between 20 to 50 singers). First part of the competition: 4 pieces
(comp. before 1700, Romantic period, comp. after 2000, unisono song).
Second part: the 5 best choruses from 1st part will sing a free program.
Music pieces may be sacred and secular, but all a cappella.
Contact: Wolfgang Ziegler, chairman, Tel: +43-650-531 2280
Fax: +43-2252-265614
Email: o!

8th European Festival of Youth Choirs
Basel, Switzerland • 16.-20.05.2012
Festival for 18 selected children’s and youth choirs (age limit 25)
from European countries. No competition. Over 20 choral concerts
in churches, concert halls and open air in Basel. Workshop day for all
participating choirs, party for the singers, music culture and choir
conducting education projects. Open singing for everybody.
Contact: Europäisches Jugendchor Festival Basel, Kathrin Renggli Tel:
+41-61-4012100, Fax: +41-61-4012104

Nancy voix du monde
Nancy, Lorraine, France, 16-20 May, 2012

8th International Choir festival Mundus Cantat Sopot
Sopot, Poland, 16-21 May 2012
Contact: e-mail:  

Podium 2012 Choral Celebration Chorale
Ottawa, Canada • 17.-20.05.2012
Canada’s national choral conference.
Contact: Association of Canadian Choral Communities and Choirs
Ontario, Tel: +1-416-923 1144, Fax: +1-416-929 0415

Kaunas Cantat
Kaunas, Lithuania • 17.-20.05.2012
International choir festival and competition. Open to all amateur choirs.
Contact: Kaunas club “Cantate Domino”, Tel: +370-656-84641 or +370-650-23868
Email:  http://

Námestovo Music Festival
Námestovo, Slovak Republic • 18.-20.05.2012
21st International Sacred Music Festival in honour of bishop Ján
Vojta ák. Competition, workshop, concerts in churches, sightseeing.
Deadline for applications: 31.01.2012
6 European Choral magazine 02/11 information
Contact: Bratislava Music Agency, Tel: +421-908-693395 Fax: +421-265-957054

Siauliai Cantat
Kaunas, Lithuania • 24.-27.05.2012
International Choir Festival and Competition. Open to all amateur
Contact: Kaunas club “Cantate Domino”, Tel: +370-656-84641 or
Email:  http://

3rd International Choir Festival 
Warsaw, Poland, May 24-27, 2012
More information:  

41st “Florilège Vocal de Tours”
Tours, France • 25.-27.05.2012
Four categories: mixed choirs, mixed vocal ensembles, equal voices
(male or female), free expression (all ensembles). Qualifying rounds,
Final rounds and Grand Prix. International competition for youth and
children’s choirs - two rounds
Deadline for applications 14.11.2011.
Contact: Florilège Vocal de Tours
Tel: +33-2-47216526; Fax: +33-2-47216771

Musica Sacra Festival
Marktoberdorf, Germany • 25.-30.05.2012
Musica Sacra is a unique festival which brings music and dance from
the ! ve major world religions into Allgäu region, organising concerts
in which Christians, Jews, Moslems, Buddhists and Hindus meet and
perform together.
Contact: Musica Sacra International, Tel: +49-8342-8964033
Fax: +49-8342-40370

Festa Choralis
Bratislava, Slovakia • 30.05.-03.06.2012
International choir festival
Contact: Festa Musicale, Olomouc, Czech Republic

3rd Krakow Choir Festival
Krakow, Poland • 31.05.-03.06.2012
For all kinds of choirs, the biggest international festival in Poland.
Contact: International Krakow Choir Festival MELODY
Tel: +48-22-641 6157, Fax: +48-22-641 6157

25th Jubilee International Choral Festival
Vranov nad Topľou, Slovakia • June 2012
International non-competitive choral festival for all types of choirs.
Concerts in churches, for schools, in culture house, seminar, work-
shop, trip, discussion club, meetings of choirs.
Deadline for application: 15.04.2012
Contact: Vilma Krauspeová, Dobrianskeho 1651, 093 01 Vranov nad
Topľou, Slovakia
Tel/fax: + 421 57 4422849, + 421905 271 374

Festival of Songs
Olomouc, Czech Republic • 06.-10.06.2012
International choir festival
Contact: Festa Musicale, Olomouc, Czech Republic

28th Franz Schubert Choir Competition
Vienna, Austria • 13.-17.06.2012
For all kinds of choirs from all around the world.
Contact: Interkultur Foundation
Tel: +49-6403-956525; Fax: +49-6403-956529

6th International Choir Festival
Lloret de Mar (Catalonia), Spain, June 14-17, 2012 
More information:  

15th Alta Pusteria Choir Festival
Alto Adige-S・tirol, Italy • 20.-24.06.2012
Non-competitive festival in the heart of the Dolomites: concerts,
open-air reviews, day-meetings.
Contact: Alta Pusteria Festival O# ce, Tel: +39-06-33652422
Fax: +39-06-33652422

Grand Prix St. Petersburg
St. Petersburg, Russia • 20.-24.06.2012

International choir festival
Contact: Festa Musicale, Olomouc, Czech Republic

Rhythms of One World 2012
New York City, USA • 25.06.-01.07.2012
Festival for youth and adult choirs from all nations with programs
that include choral works in folklore, regional sacred, contempo-
rary and national pop music. Artistic Director: Gary Fry.
Deadline for applications:15.09.2011.
Contact: Friendship Ambassadors Foundation, Tel: +1-800-526 2908
Fax: +1-203-542 0661
Email:  http://  

15th Paci$ c Children’s Choir Festival
Eugene, Oregon, USA • 27.06.-03.07.2012
Non-competitive event. All participating choirs present 3 perform-
ances plus festival chorus performances at the Oregon Bach Festi-
val and the PICCFEST Gala Concert. Space limited to 10 choirs.
Contact: Oregon Festival Choirs, Tel: +1-541-4659600
Fax: +1-541-4654990
Email:  http://  

Serenade! Washington, DC
Washington, DC, USA • 28.06.-02.07.2012
Choral Festival, individual shared choir concerts in cathedrals,
churches, schools, halls and National Monuments, workshops,
choral evensong services in prestigious cathedrals, churches and
basilicas, sightseeing in Washington, DC, Alexandria, Baltimore and
surrounding areas.
Contact: Yarina, Classical Movements, Tel: +1-703-6836040
Fax: +1-703-6836045

4th “Touch the future”
Dannstadt-Schauernheim, Germany • 29.06.-08.07.2012

Children’s and Youth Choir Festival for children and youth from around
the world. A treble-voice choir festival with choir theater and show
choir elements. Guest Choreograph John Jacobson and artistic direc-
tor Judith Janzen direct the children to a wonderful experience of
song and dance. Many opportunities for choirs to present the music
of their country and meet new friends.
Contact: Juventus Vocalis, Judith Janzen

47th International Choral Days
Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain • 02.-08.07.2012
Participating choirs can give individual concerts in Barcelona and
the surrounding region. Deadline for application: 28.02.2012.Con-
tact: FCEC, Via Laietana 54, despatx 213, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

International Choral Kathaumixw
Powell River, Canada • 03.-07.07.2012
Join adult, youth and children’s choirs from around the world in
20 concerts, competitions, common singing, seminars and social
events on the shores of Canada’s magni! cent Paci! c Coast. Guest
artists & international jury. Deadline for applications: 01.11.2011.
Contact: Powell River Academy of Music, Tel: +1-604-4859633
Fax: +1-604-4852055

Mezin.rodn. Festival 2012
Pardubice, Czech Rebublic • 03.-08.07.2012
International festival of academic choirs. Participants will enjoy be-
sides the international competition also a variety of social activities
as are concerts, informal group singing, IFASIĮDA (a competition
consisting of comical non-traditional sporting events), and the IFAS
ball, where the popular IFAS Superstar will take place.
Contact: Email:  

7th World Choir Games
Cincinnati (Ohio), USA • 04.-14.07.2012
Choirs from all over the world will gather again. Together you are
going to celebrate a great festival of music, song and joie de vivre.
Participating in The Games will inspire and encourage internation-
al interaction that can forge lifelong friendships and the cultural
understanding of many nations.
Contact: Interkultur, Am Weingarten 3 • D-35415 Pohlheim
phone: +49 (0) 6403 956525 • fax: +49 (0) 6403 956529

30th International Choral Festival of Preveza
Preveza, Greece, 5-8 July 2012 
Contact: ,

IHLOMBE South African Choral Festival
Cape Town, Pretoria, Johannesburg
& Game Park, South Africa • 05.-20.07.2012

In association with CHORISA, the Choral Institute of South Africa.
Travel to Cape Town, Pretoria, Johannesburg & a Game Park.
Concerts, individual and shared with top South African Choirs,
Workshops, African drumming, dancing, and singing.
Contact: Jayci Thomas, Classical Movements, Inc., Tel: +1-800-

4th Youth Music Festival
Bratislava, Slovak Republic • 06.-09.07.2012
International Festival for Youth and Children Choirs and Orchestras.
Competition, workshop, concerts of sacred and secular music. Dead-
line for applications: 15.04.2012.
Contact: Bratislava Music Agency, Tel: +421-908-693395
Fax: +421-265-957054

Summa Cum Laude
Vienna, Austria • 07.-11.07.2012
International Youth Music Festival, cross-cultural and musical exchange
event including workshops, lectures, seminars, concerts in and around
Vienna, competition with an international and highly renowned jury.
Contact: Summa Cum Laude Youth Music Festival
Tel: +43-650-619 2152, Fax: +43-1-968 5750
Email: o!  

Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod
Llangollen, United Kingdom, 2 – 8 July 2012,
Deadline for applications: 1 November 2011
Contact: Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod
Llangollen Pavilion. Abbey Road.
Llangollen. LL20 8SW. UK.
Direct Telephone: 00 44 (0) 1978 862012
Direct Fax: 00 44 (0) 1978 862005

Florence International Choir Festival (FICF)
Florence, Italy, 8-12 July 2012
Contact e-mail:  

9th Golden Gate Children’s
and Youth Choir Festival
San Francisco Bay Area, USA • 08.-14.07.2012
Competitions, concerts and social activities throughout San
Francisco Bay Area. Artistic Director: Robert Geary (USA). Festival
conductors and adjudicators: Marķa Guinand and Stephen Leek.
Deadline for applications: October 2011.
Contact: Piedmont Choirs, Tel: +1-510-5474441, Fax: +1-510-4512947

9. International Choircompetition Miltenberg,
 Bayern/Bavaria, Germany, 12. - 16. 07.2012
Open for mixed choirs; two categories
 – A) Symphony of Voices (with compulsory composition) and
 B) Folksong, Spiritual & Jazz;
Accomodation and meals free of charge; Money prizes; friendship concerts;
Contact: Landratsamt Miltenberg, Kulturreferat, Brückenstr.
 2, D-63897 Miltenberg, Germany.
 Phone +49 9371 501503, FAX: +49 9371 50179503, 
Email: .

Rhapsody! Children’s Music Festival
Vienna & Salzburg, Austria • 12.-23.07.2012
Participating choirs will perform at famous venues in three of
Europe’s most musical and historical cities. Workshop, musical
exchanges and sightseeing tours. Guest condutor: Joan Gregoryk.
Contact: Zhongjie Shi, Classical Movements, Inc., Tel: +1-703-
6836040, Fax: +1-703-6836045

Rhapsody! Children’s Music Festival
Vienna, Salzburg, Austria • 12.-23.07.2012
Prague, Czech Republic
12 days/10 nights: Participating choirs will perform at famous venues
in three of Europe’s most musical and historical cities; highlighted
by the Grand Final Concert. Choirs will enjoy a workshop, musical
exchanges and sightseeing tours.
Contact: Zhongjie Shi, Classical Movements, Inc.
Tel: +1-703-6836040; Fax: +1-703-6836045

2nd Krakow Singing Week
Krakow, Poland • 14.-22.07.2012

Non-competitive concerts in Krakow, sightseeing program.
Contact: Polonia Cantat & Melody, Tel: +48-22-641 6157
Fax: +48-22-641 6157

IFCM World Choral Summit Voices in Harmony
Beijing, China • 15.-22.07.2012
Choirs from " ve continents will join with their Chinese counterparts to
highlight the importance of the choral art. Executives from 30 national
and international choral organizations will be invited to the Summit,
sharing ideas from their respective choral traditions.
Contact: International Federation for Choral Music (IFCM)
Fax: +1-512-551 0105

3rd Florence International Choir Festival
Florence, Italy • 18.-20.07.2011
For choirs of all categories from all around the world.
Contact: Florence International Choir Festival, Tel: +39-3276608423,
Fax: +39-055-741527

Melodia! South American Music Festival
Buenos Aires, Argentina • 18.-30.07.2012
Accepting applications from youth and children’s choirs (treble and
mixed voices), as well as youth orchestras. Outstanding artistic
experiences are combined with once-in-a-lifetime cultural and
outreach opportunities.
Contact: Alessandra D’Ovidio, Classical Movements, Inc., Tel: +1-703-
6836040, Fax: +1-703-6836045

Slovakia Folk 2012
Bratislava, Slovakia • 19.-22.07.2012
Folk music, instrumental and dance ensembles. Deadline of ap-
plication: 30.04.2012
Contact: Bratislava Music Agency

30th Cantonigros International Music Festival
Cantonigros, Catalonia, Spain, 19-22 July 2012
Contact: Tel +34 932326444, fax +34 932463603
E-mail:; Website:

Takarazuka International Chamber Chorus Contest
Takarazuka, Japan, 21-22 July 2012 
Applications deadline: November 12th, 2011.
Contact: 2-1-1 Sakaemachi, Takarazuka,
Hyogo 665-0845 JAPAN
Tel : +81-797-85-8844 Fax : +81-797-85-8873
E-mail :  

International Singing Week
Briançon, France • 21.-28.07.2012
For mixed choirs and individual singers, all levels
Contact: A Coeur Joie, Lyon, France.

25th Béla Bartók Choir Competition
and Folklore Festival
Debrecen, Hungary • 25.-29.07.2012
The only competition in contemporary choral music for " ve catego-
ries. The winner of the Grand Prize will be invited to the competition
for „The Grand Prix for European Choral Music” held every year alter-
nately in Arezzo, Debrecen, Maribor, Tolosa, Tours and Varna. Folklore
festival, world-premiers, church concerts, conducting master class
and social meetings. Deadline for applications: 31.10.2011
Contact: Fonix Event Oraganizing NP LLC., Tel: +36-52-518400 Fax:

Turin, Italy • 27.07.-05.08.2012
Spectacular vocal festival with participants from Europe and beyond.
Workshops by international conductors in all vocal genres. Open Sing-
ing, concerts: sing & listen, international contacts, one-day discovery
ateliers for conductors.
Contact: EUROPA CANTAT XVIII Torino, Italy

World Peace Choral Festival 2012
Vienna, Austria • 30.07.-02.08.2012
Concerts, workshops, mass concert for children’s and youth choirs
from around the world under the slogan “Coming together to sing,
Singing for a better future”.
Contact: World Peace Choral Festival, Tel: +43-1-2698 699-0
Fax: +43-1-2698 699-21
Email:  http://  

9th International Summer Choir Academy
on Orchestra Conducting for
Choral Conductors and Coir Atelier for Singers
Pomáz, Hungary • 09.-19.08.2012
For conductors: intensive individual coaching and rehearsals with piano,
string quartet, string orchestra and symphonic orchestra
For singers: choir atelier on oratoric repertoire with rehearsals and voice
Contact: Hungarian Choral Castle, Pomįz, Hungary

9th International
Youth Chamber Choir Meeting Usedom
Usedom, Germany• 10.-19.08.2012
Festival for gilrs’ and youth choirs, max 35 persons (incl. sta ), age: 16-26.
Concerts, workshops and time to get to know each other and the won-
derful island of Usedom.
Contact: Arbeitskreis Musik in der Jugend -AMJ, Germany

4th Youth Choir Korofestival Istanbul
Istanbul, Turkey • September 2012
The festival gives the opportunity of taking part in many concerts, work-
shops with internationally renowned conductors, open singing sessions
and seminars to youth choirs, as well as joint projects between Turkish
and foreign choirs.
Email:    http://  

7th Choral Festival Mario Baeza
Valparaíso, V Región, Chile • 21.-25.08.2012
Non competitive festival for choirs in all categories. Apply before 31
Contact: Waldo Aránguiz-Thompson, Tel: +56-2-6627689
Fax: +56-9-4917519

European Seminar for Young Composers
Aosta, Italy • 4.-11.09.2012
Composers and aspiring composers interested in choral music, choral
conductors with composition and elaboration experience.
Contact: FENIARCO, S. Vito al Tagiamento (PN), Italy9

European Academy for Choral Conductors
Graz, Austria • 09.–16.09.2012
Young conductors (under 35) from all over Europe can apply for active
(maximal 12) or observing participation.
Contact: Chorverband Österreich, Opernring 11/10 A 1070 Vienna,
Austria, Tel. +43 1 586 94 94, Fax +43 158694944
Mobile Phone: +43 650 91 22 801
Email: o#  

4th Harald Andersén
Chamber Choir Competition
Helsinki, Finland • 21.-22.09.2012
International choir competition for mixed chamber choirs (16-40 sing-
ers). Participating choirs may include professional singers. Deadline
for applications: 31.01.2012
Contact: Sibelius Academy, Tel: +358-20-753 9389
Fax: +358-40-710 4389
1st  International Choir Festival 
Montecatini Terme, Italy, 11-14 Ocotober, 2012
More information:  

Festival Cantate Barcelona
Barcelona, Spain • 19.-22.10.2012
In this, the eighth edition of Festival Cantate Barcelona, choirs
from around the world come together to perform in front of
enthralled audiences. They also get the opportunity to listen to,
and enjoy their equals. Over a thousand international voices will
be presenting their expertise and passion for choral music.
Contact: Music International , Blanes (Spain),Tel. +34 972 35 88 71

Gregorian Chant Festival
Bratislava, Slovak Republic • 25.-28.10.2012
Concerts in churches, workshop, ceremonial Latin Holy Mass with
Gregorian Chant.
Contact: Bratislava Music Agency, Tel: +421-908-693395
Fax: +421-265-957054

International Sacred Music Festival
Choir Competition Cantate Domino Kaunas

Kaunas, Lithuania • 25.-28.10.2012
Open to all amateur choirs.
Contact: Kaunas club “Cantate Domino”, Tel: +370-656-84641
Email:  http://  

2nd International Study Tour for Choral
Managers to the Polyfollia Festival
Saint Lô, France • 29/10-5/11/2012
Choral managers, conductors and singers interested in the promo-
tion and marketing of choral music, especially in the management
of international choral events. Participants sent by VOICE project
partners are especially welcome, but any young choral manager
can indeed apply. For conductors and singers, the study tour will
also be interesting from an artistic / musical point of view.
Contact: Polyfollia, Jacques Vanherle, Tel: +33-2-31736919
Fax: +33-2-31051590
Email:  http://  

8th Warsaw Choir Festival Varsovia Cantat
Warsaw, Poland • 26.-28.10.2012
For a cappella choirs. Choirs can compete in one of the 4 catego-
ries for statuettes of Golden Lyre. Festival takes place in Chopin
Hall as well as churches in Warsaw.
Contact: Choral Society LIRA & Melody, Tel: +48-22-641 6157
Fax: +48-22-641 6157

5th Showcase and Marketplace
for Choral Singing Polyfollia 2012
La Manche, Normandy, France • 30.10.-04.11.2012
A reference meeting point between the best amateur choirs and
promoters and organizers of festivals, music seasons, etc.... Plus a
“choral festive party” open to all choirs.
Contact: Polyfollia, Jacques Vanherle, Tel: +33-2-31736919
Fax: +33-2-31051590
Email:  http://  

4th Florence International Choir Festival
Florence, Italy • 01.-03.11.2012
For choirs of all categories from all around the world.
Contact: Florence International Choir Festival, Tel: +39-3276608423,
Fax: +39-055-741527

8th Warsaw Choir Festival Varsovia Cantat
Warsaw, Poland • 09.-11.11.2012
For all amateur choirs. International level a cappella competition,
non competitive participation possible.
Contact: Choral Society LIRA Varsovia Cantat
Tel: +48-22-6416157; Fax: +48-22-6416157
Email:  or  

Cantio Lodziensis
Lodz, Poland • 16.-18.11.2012
Regional and Polish level a cappella festival, foreign choirs preferred
to participate on non-competitive basis. Categories & Repertoire:
All kinds of choirs, 45-50 minutes repertoire of mixed repertoire.
Additional Concerts: 2-3 concerts of 25-50 minutes in concert
halls and churches. Piano allowed during additional concerts.
Contact: Email:  

Choral Advent in Salzburg
Salzburg, Austria • 22.-25.11.2012
This is a non-competitive choral festival in the charming city of
Salzburg, open to all choirs. The festival takes place over three
intensive days during which choirs will have a scheduled per-
formance, a friendship concert with other local choirs and a ! nal
concert. In addition, time permitting, arrangements can be made
to sing during a mass service on Sunday morning.
Contact: Music International , Blanes (Spain),Tel. +34 972 35 88 71

12th Advent & Christmas Songs Festival
Budapest, Hungary, Nov 29 -Dec 2, 2012 
More information:  

Krakow Advent & Christmas Choir Festival
Krakow, Poland • 07.-09.12.2012
International level festival, piano accompaniment allowed, non
competitive participation possible. Categories & Repertoire: Mixed,
male, female, youth, children’s, chamber, 4 advent/christmas songs,
25-30 minutes repertoire for church concert. Additional Concerts:
1-2 concerts of 25-30 minutes sacral music repertoire.
Contact: Choral Society LIRA Varsovia Cantat
Tel: +48-22-6416157; Fax: +48-22-6416157

Kaunas Advent - Christmas Choral Festival
Kaunas, Lithuania • 13.-16.12.2012
Open to all amateur choirs
Contact: Kaunas club “Cantate Domino”, Tel: +370-656-84641,
Email: http://  

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