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14th International Choir Festival Tallinn 2015
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*punases kirjas festivalid, mille korraldajad katavad (osaliselt) kutsutud kooride kulud 

XI International Sacred Music Festival SILVER BELLS!
Daugavpils, Latvia, 9 to 11 January 2015
Participants of the Festival : Children's, Male, Female, Mixed Choirs,
Vocal Ensembles, and soloists.
The participants of the Competition will be awarded a valuable Prize and Diploma.
The winners of the Grand Prix competition will be awarded a money prize about of
4 100.00 Eur.
Contact: E-mail:

4th International Gdansk Choir Festival
Gdansk (Poland), 13-15th February 2015
Festival for competitive and non-competitive choirs.

Second Children-Youth Choral World Championship in St.Petersburg
Russia, from 18 to 22 February 2015.
The age of participants from 7 to 25 years old.
The number of singers in the chorus - minimum 16 people.

8th Fukushima Vocal Ensemble Competition
Japan, 19th to 23rd March, 2015.
The biggest choral competition for small
vocal ensemble groups (2-16 singers) in Japan.
Application deadline:: 31 October 2014

11th Palm Sunday International Choir Cycle Concerts
Cascais, Portugal, 21-29 March 2015
Contact: Vox Laci, Myguel Santos e Castro

13th Festival Musica Religiosa
Olomouc, Czech Republic, 25-29 March 2015
International choir festival of sacred and clerical music
For choirs in all categories.
Contact e-mail:, Website: www.

Istra Music Festival
5th International festival of choirs and orchestras in Porec
Croatia, 28 March – 01 April 2015

IX International Choir Festival Malgrat de Mar
Barcelona, Spain, from 7th to 12th April 2015
Contacts: tel / fax +(39) 095 7278224
skype contact: gabrielegrimaldi

International Choral Competition Gallus
Maribor, Slovenia, April 10-12, 2015
Competition for vocal groups, mixed, female and male choirs.
For invited choirs the local costs will be covered by the festival.
Monetary prizes.

VI International Leevi Madetoja Male Voice Choir Competition
Tampere, Finland 17-19 April 2015
The registration will begin in January 2014

International Antalya Children Festival
Antalya, Turkey, 18-24 April, 2015
Deadline for applications: December 31st, 2014.
Contact: Tel: (+90 216) 410 24 47 - 410 24 48
Fax: (+90 216) 362 72 25

14th International Choir Festival Tallinn 2015
Tallinn, Estonia, 23-26 April 2015
Contact: e-mail:

61st Cork International Choral Festival
Ireland, 29 April - 3 May 2015
Contact e-mail:, Website:

Vaasa International Choir Festival
Vaasa, Finland, May 13-17, 2015
Festival for all choir categories.
For invited choirs the local costs will be covered by the festival.

CantaRode International Choral Festival
Kerkrade, The Netherlands, 14-18 May 2015
Open to mixed voices 16-40 singers and equal voices 12-40 singers
Apply before December 15
Contact e-mail: Website:

International Antalya Youth Festival
Antalya, Turkey, 14-20 May, 2015
Deadline for applications: January 31st, 2015
Contact: Tel: (+90 216) 410 24 47 - 410 24 48
Fax: (+90 216) 362 72 25

5th International Wroclaw Choir Festival VRATISLAVIA SACRA
Wroclaw, Poland, 22-24 May 2015
The festival is focusing on sacred music including categories
for orthodox church music, spirituals & gospel.
Applications deadline 15.11.2014
Contact: ; Website:  

XXXIV International Festival of Orthodox Church Music "Hajnówka 2015"
Białystok, Poland, 19 – 25. 05.2015
Contact e-mail: ;

11th International Choir Festival MUNDUS CANTAT SOPOT
Poland, May 20-24, 2015
Contact: tel. +48 58 555 84 58
mobile +48 609 692 707  

14th International Chamber Choir Competition 2015
Marktoberdorf, Germany, May 22-27, 2015
Competition and concerts for mixed and female choirs.

10th Festa Choralis Bratislava
Bratislava, Slovak Republic, 27-31 May 2015
Festival and competition incl 19 categories
Contact e-mail:, Website:

Tampere Vocal Music Festival
Tampere, Finland, June 3-7, 2015
Chorus review, concerts and workshops for all choir categories and vocal ensembles.
Monetary prizes.

43rd International Choir Festival of Songs
Czech Republic, 3-7 June 2015
Contact e-mail: , Website:

6th International Krakow Choir Festival CRACOVIA CANTANS
11-14.06.2015 Krakow, Poland
Deadline for applications 15.12.2014

International Boys Choir Festival Estonia 2015
Tartu, Estonia, 17-21 June 2015
Concerts, workshops, open rehearsals for boys choirs and Study Tour for conductors
Contact:, Website:
Organiser: Estonian Male Choirs Association

9th GP St.Petersburg
Russia, 17-21 June 2015
Festival and GP competition incl 21 categories
Contact e-mail: , Website:

18th Alta Pusteria International Choir Festival
Alto Adige - Südtirol Region, 24-28 June 2015
The Festival is a non-competitive event, it's reserved
for non-professional choral groups and takes place every year
in Val Pusteria, one of the most beautiful of alpine valleys in
South Tyrol (Northern Italy), in the heart of the Dolomites.
Deadline for registration 15th February 2015

Prague Choir Festival
Prague, 2nd to 5th July 2015
The festival is for all types of choirs and nationalities.
The deadline for applications is the 2nd of May 2015.
Contact: E-mail

6th International Sacred Music Choir Festival & Competition “Laudate Dominum”
Vilnius, Lithuania, 2 – 8th of July, 2015
Contact: ;

Cantus Salisburgensis Kaleidoscope of Nations
Salzburg, Austria 2-6 July 2015
Compulsory pieces: Wolfgang A. Mozart
Georg Friedrich Händel, Ludwig v. Beethoven
Mass: Salzburg Cathedral
Missa Solemnis, W.A. Mozart, KV 337
(Carus 40.619/03/edited Bernhard Janz)
Festival concert Great Hall Mozarteum
Halleluja from Messiah, G.F. Handel and
Choral Fantasy Op. 80, L.v. Beethoven
Breitkopf & Hartel, ChB 14660
Contact: Scherzergasse 14, A- 1020 Wien
Tel.: +43-(0) 1 212 93 52, GSM: +43 (0) 664 4624022
Fax: +43 (0) 1 212 06 75 ; ;

World Youth and Children’s Choir Festival – Hong Kong
July 13-18, 2015
Competition and festival for youth and children’s choirs. 

33rd International Music Festival, Cantonigros
Barcelona, Spain, 16-19 July 2015
Contact e-mail: , Website:

IHLOMBE South African Choral Festival
Cape Town, Pretoria, Johannesburg& Game Park,
South Africa, 16-25 July 2015
Contact e-mail:

V Istanbul Chorus Competition & Festival
Turkey, 21-26 July 2015
Contact: –

8th Grand Prix Pattaya
Thailand, 22-26 July 2015
Festival and GP competition, incl 15 categories for all kind of choirs
Contact e-mail: , Website:

Europa Cantat XIX Pecs 2015
Pecs, Hungary, 24 July -2 August 2015

21 - 26 July 2015 

IX SAN JUAN CHORAL International Choral Festival
San Juan, Argentina, August 13th-18th, 2015
Festival and workshops for mixed, female, male and chamber choirs.

Coralua Trondheim International Choir Festival 2015
Trondheim, Norway, 15th to 21st of August 2015

4th Mediterranean Choral Festival Gibraltar
19-23 August 2015
Festival and competition incl 13 categories for all kind of choirs.
Contact e-mail: , Website:

Guido d'Arezzo International Polyphonic Competition
Arezzo, Italy, August 23-30, 2015
Competition and concerts for all choir categories.
For invited choirs the local costs will be covered by the festival.
Monetary prizes.

International festival Concordia Vocis
Cagliari, Sardegna, September 10-13, 17-20, 24-27, 2015
Festival for vocal ensembles and mixed, male and female choirs up to 20 members.
For invited choirs the local costs will be covered by the festival.

XI International TRELEW Choral Competition
Trelew, Argentina, September 15-20, 2015
Competition and festival for mixed, male and female choirs.
For invited choirs food and accommodation will be provided by the festival. Monetary prizes.

IV-th International Choir Festival “Music and sea”
Paralia, Greece, September 21 to 26, 2015
The festival has two parts: competitive and non-competitive.
However, the character and the main concept of both parts is
joining music, vacation, friendship and fun.
The idea of the Festival is to bring the music closer to the
people and to present the music on the streets and the squares
of Paralia, Olympic Beach and Katerini.

International choir contest of Flanders-Maasmechelen
Maasmechelen, Belgium, October 2-4, 2015
Competition for mixed and equal voices choirs (12-40 members).
For invited choirs meals are provided free of charge, accommodation in host families at 45 € per person. Monetary prizes.  

John Paul II International Choir Festival of Sacred Music
Poland, Gdanks, 8-11 October 2015  

Cantate Barcelona / Spain 
October 16-19, 2015
The Catalan capital Barcelona and the Costa Brava are the right place for a meeting of choirs from all Europe. Concerts open-air in Barcelona, friendship concerts at the Costa Brava and a final concert in Girona are followed by a farewell dinner! 
Loe edasi

3rd City of Derry International Choral Festival
Northern Ireland, 22nd to 25th October 2015 

Derry International Choral Festival
Ireland, 23-26 October 2015
E-mail: Website:  

Tolosa Choral Contest
Tolosa, Spain, October 29 – November 1, 2015

Competition for children’s and chamber choirs.
For invited choirs the local costs will be covered by the festival. Monetary prizes.

Malta International Choir Festival
Malta, October 29 - November 1, 2015

42nd Choir Festival Pampa Canta Tandil
Argentina, 4-8 November 2015
Contact: E-mail:

Cantate Dresden / Germany 
November 5-8, 2015
 The pearl at the Elbe river - an extraordinary frame for an international choir event. After the disastrous destruction during World War II, the city passed through many years of rebuilding and refurnishing with the highlight of a fully reconstructed “Frauenkirche” (Church of our Lady) which opened its gates again exactly 10 years ago in 2005! We can arrange a short performance atn this extraordinarry place!
Loe edasi

The 3rd international Jean Sibelius choral, instrumental music and academic vocal competition in Turku/Finland
November 6-10, 2015
Loe edasi

Advent Sing Salzburg / Austria 
November 26-29, 2015
The city of Mozart and the place of many festivals presents its special charm during the Advent time. Choirs perform on the Christmas market, in churches and concert halls. 
Loe edasi

Advent Choral Festival Prague 
All weekends in advent period 2015
Since 1999 a very special event with more than 40 choirs every year from Europe and Overseas. Gorgeous concert halls for friendship concerts! Orientation weekend in July! 
Loe edasi

First International Festival and Contest of female choirs
St. Petersburg, Russia from 11 to 14 December, 2015.
The purpose of the International Festival of female choirs is to draw attention to the performance of female choirs and help to expand the repertoire of women's choirs involving contemporary authors.
The festival can be entered by sending the application form by e-mail:
The deadline for application is October 1, 2015
Contact: Tel/fax: +7(812) 328-39-21

International Choir Festival of Advent and Christmas Music
Poland, Sopot, December 11-13, 2015  

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