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International Study Tour for Managers 2014
14th International Choir Festival Tallinn 2015
13th International Choir Festival Tallinn 2013
Europa Cantat junior 6
12th International Choir Festival Tallinn 2011
Choral Festivals in Estonia
January 2015
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12.02 Concert of Estonian National Male Choir


New Year's International Choir Festival Vienna 2014
Austria, 4 Jan 2014
For all kind of choirs.

Winter Fairy-tale! Vienna, Austria, Teplice&Prague, Czech Republic,
Dresden&Berlin, Germany, 4-9 January 2014
International Festival Competition for participants aged 8 to 26.
Apply before 18 Nov 2013
E-mail: , Website:  

International Youth and Children´s Choral Festival IUVENTUS IN PRAGA CANTAT
Prague, Czech Republic, 24– 25 January, 2014
Contest open for children´s, youth and adult choirs with singers up to 26 years old and also a not competing category for those choirs, which wish to perform outside the contest and their singing won´t be evaluated.
Deadline for applications: 10th November 2013
Contact: phone: 00420 224 81 44 58, 00420 224 81 35 80
fax: 00420 224 81 26 12

4th International Sacred Music Festival Kaunas Musica Religiosa
Kaunas, Lithania, 20-23 02.2014

Canti veris Praga
The International Festival of Contemporary Chorus Music
with Zdeněk LukṠAward
Prague, 20th- 23th February 2014
Contact: Tel./Fax: +420 224 916 899
GSM: +420 602 310 473
e-mail:  ;  
Skype: mta-praha

3rd International Gdansk Choir Festival
Poland, 21-23 Feb 2014
It's festival for competitive and non-competitive choirs.
This year the head of the jury will be composer
Vytautas Miskinis (Lithuania)
together with the jury members from Poland,
Slovenia, and United Kingdom.
Deadline for registration 15 Oct 2013

International Choral Festival
Riva del Garda, Italy, 13-17.03.2014

Consoro Corale Internazionale. Riva del Garda
Italy, 13-17 March 2014

International Competition for Children’s Choirs
Paris/Ville d’Avray, 22-23 March 2014
1st round :1/ Gabriel Fauré : Tantum ergo
2/ Mel Bonis : L’oiseau bleu
Finale : 1/ Claude Debussy : Noël des enfants qui n’ont pas de maison
2/ Roger Calmel : Cantate Liberté
3/ Jean-Louis Petit : Chanson à rêver
Sheet music for the Ville d’Avray/Paris International Competition
can be purchased at : Editions FORTIN-ARMIANE,
16 rue Ganneron, F - 75018 PARIS. tél +33 1 48 74 28 21,
FAX : + 33 1 40 23 98 67 e-mail :
Please adress your application to :
FESTIVAL DE MUSIQUE FRANCAISE attn : Jean-Louis PETIT 34 Avenue Bugeaud
F-75116 PARIS tel.(33.8).78.33.14 57 e-mail :  
Web-site :  

Holiday of Spring!
Vienna, Austria, Teplice&Prague, Czech Republic,
Dresden & Berlin, Germany, 27.03-1.04.2014
International Festival competition for participants aged 8 to 26
Contact: International Youth Forum Endowment Fund, J&S group

Young Prague 2014
Prague, Czech Republic, 27.03 - 30.03.2014
E-mail: , Website:  

Holiday of Spring!! Vienna, Austria, Teplice&Prague, Czech Republic,
Dresden&Berlin, Germany, 27 March-1 April 2014
International Festival Competition for participants aged 8 to 26
Apply before 21 Jan 2014
E-mail:  , Website:  

17th Interntional Festival of Chlidren and Young Choirs "Rainbow"
St. Petersburg, Russia 28-30.03.2014
All choirs with choristers under age of 35 years

1st Children&Youth Choral World Championshio
St. Petersburg, Russia, 2-6 April 2014
For choirs with 7-18 years old singers
Contact: International Choral Festival and Competition
Tel/fax: +7(812) 328-39-21

Festival di Verona 2014: International Days of Choir Music
and Choir Competition
Verona, Italy, 2-6 April 2014
E-mail: , Website:  

Festival di primavera 2014
(International spring festival for school choirs, open also to children’s and
youth choirs)
Montecatini Terme - Tuscany, Italy
3-5 April 2014 for children aged 6-13 and
9-12 April 2014 for young people aged 14-19
The beautiful Tuscany hosts a festival where children and young people
study together, know each other, share happy times. Participation in
the festival includes workshops on specific repertoires, internationally
renowned lecturers, concerts, moments of leisure, tourism and friendship.
Deadline for applications: 31st January 2014
Contact: Feniarco - Via Altan 49 - San Vito al Tagliamento, Pn - 33078, Italy
+39 0434 876724,E-mail:  ,  

25th Anniversary of America Sings! Festival,
Washington DC, USA, 4-5 April 2014
Contact: America Sings!

10th Palm Sunday International Choir Cycle Concerts
Cascais, Portugal, 5-12 April 2014
Contact: Vox Laci, Myguel Santos e Castro

12th Festival Musica Religiosa Olomouoc
Czech Republic, 9-12 April 2014

Contact: Festa Musicale

Children Festival Vox Pueri 8
Cascais, Portugal, 14-18 April 2014
E-mail: , Website:  

London International A Cappella Choir Competition
London, Great Britain, 21st-26th April 2014
The competition will bring together 16 choirs from around
the world to compete in a series of public concerts at
St John’s Smith Square London. A jury of renowned experts,
chaired by the founder and director of the award-winning
Tallis Scholars Peter Phillips, will select a winning choir
from each of the four preliminary rounds to compete in a prestigious final.
Application deadline 31st October 2013
Contact: E-mail:  

4th International Choral Competition for children's choir“Il Garda in Coro“
Malcesine/Il Garda in Coro, Italy , 22-26 April 2014
Deadline for applications 31.12.2013
Contact: Association “Il Garda in Coro”
Tel. +39 045 6570332  and  

Slovakia Cantat 2014
Bratislava, Slovak Republic, 24-27 April 2014
Apply before 15.12.2013
Contact: Bratislava Music Agency
E-mail:  Website:  

4th Messiah Festival
Salzburg, Austria, 24-27 April 2014
10 selected choruses or orchestras of any age and composition.
E-mail: , Website: www.chorus2000com  

3rd International Symposium ARS CHORALIS and Chorusology
Zagreb, Croatia, 24-26 April 2014

Scientific and artistic symposium on choral art, singing and voice
Contact: , Website:  

4th World Choir Festival on Musical
Thessaloniki, Greece, 25-27 April 2014
For all kind of choirs from around the world
Contact e-mail: 

4th International Wroclaw Choir Festival VRATISLAVIA SACRA
Wroclaw; Poland 25-27th April 2014
The festival focusing on sacred music including
categories for orthodox church music and spirituals & gospel.
Deadline forapplications: 15.12.2013
Contact:  or by e-mail  

XIII Moskva rahvusvaheline laste- ja noorte koorifestival „Zvuchit Moskva“
28. aprill – 1. mai 2014
Kontakt: tel.: + 7 (499) 154-5003
Tel/faks: +7 (499) 154-6328
http: //     

Venezia in Musica
Venice, Italy 30.04- 04.05.2014

60th Cork International Choral Festival
Cork, Ireland, 30 April - 4 May 2014
E-mail: , Website:  

International Choir Competition and Festival
Bad Ischl, Austria, 30 April-4 May

E-mail: , Website:  

Queen of the Adriatic Sea Choral Festival and Competition
Cattolica,Italy, 1 - 4 May 2014

International Spring Festival Antwerp 2014
Antwerp, Belgium, 1-5 May 2014
E-mail: , Website:  

Blossoming Bohemia! Vienna, Austria, Teplice & Prague, Czech Republic,
Dresden & Berlin, Germany 1-6 May 2014
INternational festival competition for participants aged 8 to 26
Apply before 15 feb 2014
E-mail:  , Website:  

2nd International Competition for Chamber Choirs Mosbach
Mosbach, Germany, 2-5 May 2014  

Kaunas Cantat
Kaunas, Lithuania, 15-18 May 2014
E-mail: ; Website:  

Sing alone concert in Budapest
Budapest, Hungary, 15-18 May 2014
E-mail: , Website:  

Choralscape sPaysages Chorals Podium 2014
Halifax, Canada, 15-18 May 2014
E-mail: ; Website:  

International A CAPPELLA Contest Leipzig
Germany, 15-18 May 2014
Aimed at outstanding young vocal groups
from all over the world. It wants to be a place
for musical exchange between young groups
and a cappella professionals.
The application deadline is 31st January 2014
Contact: International A CAPPELLA Contest Leipzig
Competition Office
Landsberger Strasse 1
D-04157 Leipzig
Phone: +49 (0) 341 - 910 755 75
Fax: +49 (0) 341 - 910 755 76  

International Choral Competition Ave Verum 2014
Baden, Austria, May 22-25, 2014
Contact: tel/fax +43 (0) 2252 265614
mobile +43 (0) 650 5312280
E-mail:  Website:  

Šiauliai Cantat Choir Festival and Competition
Kaunas, Lithuania, 22-25 May 2014

E-mail: , Website:  

Festival Filadelfia 2014: The Musical City of Europe Featuring
the Paolo Serrao Special Award Competitions
Filadelfia. Italy, 22-26 May 2014
For equal voices, mixed , children and youth, folk,
gospel/spiritual choirs
Contact e-mail: , Website:  

Krakow Choral Meeting
Krakow, Poland, 26th-30th May 2014.
A non-competitive choral event.
We accept registrations till 31.01.2014
email ,web-page:  

9th European Festival of Youth Choirs Basel
Basel, Switzerland, 28 May-1 June2014
18 selected children’s and youth choirs from all over Europe perform in
more than 40 choral events. The colourful program with classical choir
music and folk songs from the choirs’ own cultural backgrounds, gospels,
jazz and pop arrangements, costumes and choreographies appeal to an
audience of around 23’000 spectators. The festival also offers a master
class on Open Singing with Michael Gohl, a study tour for conductors, a
special focus on boy’s choirs and various social events. Experience the
world of highly qualified children’s and youth choirs! Choirs’ application
deadline for 2016 festival is January 30, 2015.
Contact: European Festival of Youth Choirs Basel, Kathrin Renggli, Director, c/o
Settelen AG, Türkheimerstr. 17, Postfach, CH-4055 Basel, phone +41 (0)61 401
21 00, ,  

9th Festa Choralis Bratislava
Slovak Republic, 28 May-1 June 2014
festival and competition incl 19 categories. For all
kind of choirs from around the world
Contact e-mail: , Website:  

9th International Choir Competition
Zadar, Croatia, May 29 to June 1, 2014.
Contact: Trg Petra Zoranića 1, HR - 23000 Zadar
Tel. +385 23 315 807
Fax. +385 23 300 430
E-mail.; Web.  

International Festival of Choral Singing Nancy Voix du Monde
Nancy, France, 30 May-1 June 2014
1600 singers from all over the world
E-mail:  Website:  

43rd Florilege Vocal de Tours
Tours, France, 30 May -1 June 2014

E-mail: ; Website:  

42nd Festival of Songs of Olomouc
Olomouc, Czech Republic 4-8 June 2014
International choir competition with obligatory songs for
all kind of choirs
E-mail. , Website:  

Sing'n Joy Vienna 2014 29th International Franz Schubert Choir Competition
Austria, 5-9 June 2014
Competition for all types of choirs in different categories
and difficulties with a focus on chamber choirs
Contact: E-mail: ; Website:    

Musica Sacra International Festival
Marktoberdorf, Germany, 6-11 June 2014
E-mail:, Website:

5th International Krakow Choir Festival Cracovia Cantans
Poland, 12-15 June 2014

Contact: E-mail:  

CantaRode International Choral Festival
Kerkrade, The Netherlands, 12-16 June 2014
Open to mixed voices 16-40 singers and equal voices 12-40 singers
Apply before December 15, 2013
Contact e-mail: , Website: 

CantaRode International Choral Festival & Competition
Kerkrade, the Netherlands, 13-14 June 2014

Contact: Dion Ritten, E-mail:  

8th Grand Prix St. Petersburg
Russia, 18-22 June 2014
Festival and GP competition including 21 categories for all
kind of choirs from around the world
Contact e-mail:  , Website:    

17th Alta Pusteria International Choir Festival
Alto Adige-Südtirol, Italy, 18-22 June 2014
Non-competitive festival.
Registration deadline 15 Feb 2014
Contact e-mail:  , Website:  

Tuscany Music Festival 2014,
Montecatini Terme, Italy, 19-22 June 2014
For all kind of choirs
Contact e-mail: , Website:

Apppleseed Children's Choir Festival
Fort vWayne IN, USA, 20-22 June 2014

Festival designed to serve younger training choirs
Contact e-mail: ; Website:

Sing mass in St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican, Rome
Italy, 21- 25 June 2014

This mass singing is part of the Rome International Choral festival
Contact e-mail: ,

The Rhythms of One World 2014 festival
New York City, USA , 24- 30 June 2014

Mozart International Choral festival,
Salzburg, Austria, 25-29 June 2014
Contact e-mail:  
Website: l

Sing A Mile High Children's Choral Festival
Denver, CO, USA, 26-30 June 2014
E-mail: , Website:  

Serenade! Washington, DC Choral festival
USA, 26-30 June 2014
Contact: e-mail:

Sing at Chicago's Orchestra Hall at Symphony Center
with Z.Randall Stroope,
Chicago, USA, 26-29 June 2014
Contact e-mail:  

Meet Mozart International Choir Competition and Festival
Salzburg, Austia, 26-29 June 2014
For all kind of choirs
Contact: ; Website:  

Queen City Children's Choir Festival 2014
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, 26-29 June 2014
Non-competitive festival
Contact e-mail: rbreeden@cincinnatichoir.orgr , Website:  

Heart of the Valley Children's Choir 30th Anniversary Festival
Corvallis, Oregon, USA, 30 June-3 July 2014
For children's choirs, including treble and SATB singers
Contact e-mail:  

Sing Faure's Requiem for the D-Day 70 Anniversary
Paris, France, 30 June- 5 July 2014
Festival bringing American mixed voice choirs to Paris
Contact e-mail:

Silver Voices, Vienna &Salzburg, Austria, Ceske Budejovice &
Prague, Czech Republic, Venice, San Marino, Rimini, Verona, Italy
30 June- 10 July 2014
Contact: , Website:  

International Choral Kathaumixw
Powell River, Canada, 1-5 July 2014
Join choirs from around the world in 20 concerts,
competitions, common singings, vonductor's seminars.
Application deadline November 1, 2013
Contact e-mail: , Website:  

Rhapsody! Children's Music festival, Prague
Czech Republic, 3-13 July 2014
Contact e-mail:

16th International Cantus MM Choir and Orchestra Festival
Salzburg, Austria, 3-6 July 2014
10 selected choruses or orchestras of any age and composition 8also dance groups)
Contact e-mail:  Website:  

12 th Cantus Salisburgensis Kaleidoskope of Nations
Salzburg, Austria, 3-7 July 2014
Compulsory pieces: Wolfgang A. Mozart
Georg Friedrich Händel, Ludwig v. Beethoven
Mass: Salzburg Cathedral
Missa Solemnis, W.A. Mozart, KV 337
(Carus 40.619/03/edited Bernhard Janz)
Festival concert Great Hall Mozarteum
Halleluja from Messiah, G.F. Handel and
Choral Fantasy Op. 80, L.v. Beethoven
Breitkopf & Hartel, ChB 14660
Contact: Scherzergasse 14, A- 1020 Wien
Tel.: +43-(0) 1 212 93 52, GSM: +43 (0) 664 4624022
Fax: +43 (0) 1 212 06 75 ; ;  

10th International Youth Chamber Choir Meeting
Usedom Island (Baltic Sea), Germany, 4-13 July 2014
Festival for girls' and mixed youth choirs, max 36 persons (incl. staff) up to the age of 26
Contact e-mail: ; Website:  

4th Krakow Singing Week
Poland, 4-13 July 2014
Non-competitive concerts in Krakow, sigthseeing program
Contact e-mail: , Website:  

IFAS 2014 - 23rd International Festival of Academic Choirs
Pardubice, Czech Republic, 4-9 July 2014
CompetitionAward GP IFAS 2014 for student's choirs &
Award Bohuslav Martinu for all types of choirs except children
Contact e-mail: , Website:  

5th International Choral Festival & Competition Laudate Dominum
Vilnius, Lithuania, 5 – 11 of July, 2014

The festival is open for all choirs, both Lithuanian and foreign.
The 1st of April, 2014 is the last day to apply.
Contact: E-mail:  

49th International Choral Festival
Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, 7-13 July /2014
Singing week with 3 workshops and individual concerts in Barcelona and
surrounding region for the participating choirs. Final concert in Palau de
la Música Catalana. Conductors: Daniel Mestre (1714: Europe and Catalonia
musical connections); Basilio Astúlez (Music for women voices with
coreography) and Saeko Hasegawa (Asian Music).
Deadline for application 15/1/2014
Contact: FCEC - Federació Catalana d’Entitats Corals
Via Laietana, 54, 2n. desptx 213, 08013-Barcelona (Spain)  -  
Orientale Concentus
Singapore, July 9 - 13, 2014
School of the Arts, Singapore  

8th World Choir Games 2014
Riga, Latvia, 9-19.07.2014  

International Youth Music Festival
Bratislava, Slovak Republic, 10-13 July 2014
Apply before 15.04.2014
Contact e-mail: , Website:  

2nd International Choral Festival of Antonin Dvorak “DVORAK´S CHORAL SUMMER“
Prague, Czech Republic 11 – 12 July, 2014
The festival contest is open for amateur choirs without age limit
and is aimed at Antonin Dvorak´s choral music.
There is also a not competing category for those choirs,
which wish to perform outside the contest and their singing won´t be evaluated.
Deadline for applications: 15th April 2014
Contact: phone: 00420 224 81 44 58, 00420 224 81 35 80
fax: 00420 224 81 26 12
Prague Summer Choral Meeting
July 17 – 20, 2014
The choral meeting is open to choral groups with min. 10 singers
of all ages and all kinds from all over the world 
Contact: MILLENNIUM Agency
Zahradníckova 20c , 150 00 Praha 5
Tel: +420 602686820, 607552731
e-mail:  ;

Melodia! South American Music Festival
Buenos Aires, Argentina, 17-25 July 2014
Contact e-mail:  

32nd International Music Festival, Cantonigros
Barcelona, Spain, 17-20 July 2014
Contact e-mail: , Website:  

10th International Choir Competition Miltenberg
Bavaria, Germany, 17-20 July 2014
2 categories: Symphony of Voices (with compulsory composition)
and folksongs, spirituals
Apply before 16 December 2013
Contact e-mail: , Website:  

IHLOMBE South African Choral Festival
Cape Town, Pretoria, Johannesburg& Game Park,
South Africa, 17-26 July 2014
Contact e-mail:  

Setmana Cantant de Tarragona 
Tarragona, 19 - July 2014
under the musical direction of Josep Prats
and within the framework of the festivals
of the Catalan Federation of Choral Associations
and the the European Federation Europa Cantat
Deadline for applications: March 31, 2014.
Contact: Phone: +34 977 22 77 21 

IV Istanbul International Chorus Competition & Festival
Turkey, 21 – 26 July 2014
Children, Female, Male and Mixed Chorus Competitions : Traditional folk Chorus
minimum 6 minutes, maximum 8 minutes
(one day competition one day Municipality public concert)
Contact: Address: International Istanbul Harmanchorus Culture org Rasim Pasa Mah.
Macit Erbudak Sok. No: 34/1 34716 Kadıköy / Istanbul / Turkiye
Tel:+90 216 346 13 54 Faks:+90 216 346 13 08
e-mail:  web:  

7th Grand Prix Pattaya
Thailand, 23-27 July 2014
Festival and GP competition, incl 15 categories for all kind of choirs
Contact e-mail: , Website:  

Melodia! South American Music Festival
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 24 July -1 Aug 2014
Contact e-mail:

International Youth Music Festival II
Bratislava, Slovak Republic, 27-30 July 2014
Apply before 15.04.2014
Contact: Bratislava Music Agency
Tel: +421 908 693395, fax: +421 265 957053
E-mail:; Website:

12th China International Choral Festival and
IFCM World Youth Choral Education conference
Beijing, China, 29 July -8 August 2014
Contact Address: F16 Easyhome Tower, A3 Dongzhimen South St., 
Dongcheng Dist., Beijing, China, 100007
Tel: +86-10-64008712; Fax: +86-10-84038226
Email:; Website:  

Europa Cantat junior 7
Bergen, Norway, 30 July- 06 August 2014
Festival for youn choirs (8-18), workshops, open singing,
concerts, study tour for composers

26th Bela Bartok International Choir Competition and Folklore Festival
Debrecen, Hungary, 30 July- 3 August 2014
The only competition in contemporary choral music for 5 categories. The
winner of the GP will be invited to the competition for the GP for European Choral Music. halfboard catering and accommodation for the invited choirs free of charge
Apply before 31 October 2013
Contact e-mail:  , Website:  

10th Worl Symposium on Choral Music, Seoul
Rep Korea, 6-13 August 2014
Contact e-mail: , Website:  

The Liturgical Zimriya
Acre, Israel, 10-15 August 2014
A festival including workshops and concerts
of choirs and ensembles from all over the world
The workshops:
Aarne Saluveer (Estonia): Urmas Sisask “Veni Creator Spiritus”
For double choir / equal voices + mixed + percussion and flute;
Gary Graden (Sweden): Parts of Steve Dobrogosz Mass
For choir, piano and strings:  
Elisenda Carrasco (Spain): Sacred music of the Iberian Peninsula
For youth equal voices.
Contact: 16 Hanaziv Street, Tel Aviv 6701806, Israel
Tel 972-3-6041808 Fax 972-3-6041688

10th Cantemus International Choir Festival
Nyiregyhaza, Hungary, 16-21 August 2014
Closing date for applivcations 31 January 2014
Contact:  ,

Voces Academy. Oxford Conducting Masterclass
Great Britain, 20-22 August 2014

Applycation by 1 June 2014
Contact e-mail: Website:

3rd Mediterranean Choral Festival Gibraltar
20-24 August 2014
Festival and competition incl 13 categories for all kind of choirs.
Contact e-mail: , Website:  

Coralua Trondheim
International Choir Festival for children, youth and adults choirs
Trondheim, Norway 24 - 29 August 2014
Choral workshops with Sanna Valvanne (Finland) for children's choirs,
Karmina Silec (Slovenia) for girls and women's choirs,
Tove Ramlo (Norway) and Josep Prats (Spain) for mixed choirs. Open for registration!
Contact: E-mail: ; Website:      

Urban Youth Choir Festival
Örebro, Sweden, 4-7 September 2014
Young people from different cultural backgronds and varying musical
level of skills will get together to experience and perform Urban Youth
Choir Music together.
A new International festival for singers and dancers where young people
meet professional artists. Arranged by SWICCO/Länsmusiken in Örebro
Web:  , Mail :  
Contactperson: Fred Sjöberg +46 705 664677

Tonen2000 International Choir Festival, Westland
Netherlands, 26-28 September 2014

Contest for non-professional mixed choirs (up to 36 members) and
male and female ensembles (up to 24 members). Sacred and secular music.
Contact e-mail:  Website:  

International Robert Schumann Choir Competition
Zwickau, Germany, 15-19 October 2014
Contact e-mail: mail@inté , Website:  

Vienna International Choral Festival
Austria, 16-19 October 2014

A non-competitive event for adult choirs.
Contact e-mail: or Website:

Spain, 17-20 October 2014

Cantate Barcelona is open to any choir wishing to take part in and enjoy a nonā€competitive Festival.
Contact eā€mail: Website:

Polyfollia’s World Showcase and Marketplace for Choral Singing
Saint-Lô (Normandy, France), 21-26 October 2014

11 international ensembles, 41 concerts and 160 free events. In addition, a Professionals’ Day will be held on Thursday 23rd.
Contact e-mail: Website:

Derry International Choral Festival
Ireland, 23-26 October 2014
Contact e-mail:  Website:  

10th International Warsaw Choir Festival Varsovia cantat
Poland, 24- 26 Oct 2014
For a cappella choirs
Contact e-mail:  

Autumn Fairy-tale! Vienna, Austria, Teplice & Prague, Czech Republic,
Dresden & Berlin, Germany 27 Oct- 1 Nov 2014
International festival competition for participants aged 8 to 26
Apply before 15 Sept 2014
E-mail:  , Website: 

41st Choir Festival Pampa Canta Tandil
Argentina, 5-9 November 2014

Festival and competition incl 11 cat.
Contact e-mail: , Website:  

3rd international Jean Sibelius choral, instrumental music and academic vocal competition
Finland, 13-17 November 2014

Contact e-mail: Website:

Prague Advent Choral Meeting
November 20-23, 2014
The choral meeting is open to choral groups with min. 10 singers
of all ages and all kinds from all over the world
Contact: MILLENNIUM Agency
Zahradníckova 20c , 150 00 Praha 5
Tel: +420 602686820, 607552731

Prague Advent Choral Meeting
November 27-30, 2014
The choral meeting is open to choral groups with min. 10 singers
of all ages and all kinds from all over the world
Contact: MILLENNIUM Agency
Zahradníckova 20c , 150 00 Praha 5
Tel: +420 602686820, 607552731
e-mail: ;  

International Advent Singing Festival Vienna 2014
Austria, 27 Nov- 1 December 2014
For choirs from all around the world
Contact: ;

24th International Festival of Advent and Christmas Music with Petr Eben´s Prize
Prague, Czech Republic, 28 – 29 November 2014.
The festival contest is open for:male, female, mixed and children´s choirs and
is aimed at Advent and Christmas music. Those choirs that will include a composition
by Petr Eben in their repertoire will be appraised also in the Petr Eben´s Prize competition.
There is also a not competing category for those choirs, which wish to perform outside
the contest and their singing won´t be evaluated.
Deadline for applications: 31st August 2014
Contact phone: 00420 224 81 44 58, 00420 224 81 35 80
fax: 00420 224 81 26 12

3rd Natale Festa Corale Olomouc International
Christmas Choir Festival
Czech Republic, 3-7 December 2014

Contact e-mail:  , Website:   

Prague Advent Choral Meeting 
December 4-7, 2014
The choral meeting is open to choral groups with min. 10 singers
of all ages and all kinds from all over the world
Application deadline:  
Contact: MILLENNIUM Agency
Zahradníckova 20c , 150 00 Praha 5
Tel: +420 602686820, 607552731
e-mail:  ;  

4th Krakow Advent &Christmas Choir Festival
Poland, 5-7 December 2014

Contact e-mail: , Website: 
14th International festival of advent and Christmas music PRAGUE CHRISTMAS
Prague, Czech Republic, December 12 – 15, 2014
Categories: children´s, youth and adult choirs, vocal ensembles,
folklore ensembles, carols 
Application deadline: October 15, 2013

22nd International Sacred, Advent and Christmas Music Festival and Choir Competition
Kaunas, Lithuania, 18-21 December 2014
Contact e-mail: , Website:  

Christmas Music Festival
Vilnius, Lithuania, December 27th 2014 – January 2nd 2015
Contact: ;  

international-festivals-calendar, Estonian Choral Association Estonian Choral Society, international-festivals-calendar

Kodulehe valmistamine: Amelia IT PartnerESTONIAN CHORAL ASSOCIATION     Roosikrantsi 13, 10119 Tallinn, Estonia      Phone: 627 44 50      Fax: 627 4459     Open: E-R: 9.00 - 17.00